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Podcasting – Over 7,000 downloads….117 episodes….4 shows and counting…We do Podcasts!

Over 7,000 downloads….117 episodes….4 shows and counting…We do Podcasts.

To put it simply, podcasting is a type of radio show which allows access to a broad range of information through downloads on portable devices. Podcasts are easy to create: a few microphones, a recording device, a topic, and we are in business…in our studio in White Hall.  All somebody needs to listen to it is a phone (or computer) and an internet connection. Students, faculty, and staff can listen in the car, at home, at work, or wherever they may be. Podcasting provides community engagement in a small, portable package.

WCSU411— Paul Steinmetz interviews WCSU authors, Fulbright scholars, great teachers, and members of the community about all things WCSU.  A showcase for research and accomplishments of students and faculty.  WCSU411 Includes a regular segment with a student co-host about current university events.

The Compassionate Achiever — Dr. Chris Kukk and Tracy Day explore compassion in all its forms using neuro-science, pop culture, and interviews with experts from around the world.  Listen and learn how you can be the next Compassionate Achiever of the Week.

Literacy Ladies — Co-hosts Dr. Darla Shaw and Michelle Wittko present innovative lessons in literature. For teachers, parents, and everyone who loves to read.

Gab & GROW – Maribeth Griffin is your guide for learning about the people, places, and resources available at WCSU to help you be a successful student.  Episodes are about the length of a bus-ride to the other campus.  From “What’s happening in Athletics” to “Where is the Writing Center”, if you have a question, you’ll get an answer!

Look up WCSUMedia and The Compassionate Achiever on iTunes/Soundcloud/Stitcher/TuneIn/GooglePlay and subscribe so you don’t miss any of these interesting and thought-provoking interviews and discussions. You can listen from your desktop, mobile device, or Amazon Echo.


Contact Pete Puccio at pucciop@wcsu.edu  for further details