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Information Technology & Innovation

TelePresence Classrooms 

Two Cisco TelePresence Classrooms have been implemented in WH 306 and Honor’s House. Video teleconference technology allows participants to interact and collaborate with students and colleagues around the world. Cisco TelePresence is more advanced than traditional video teleconference solutions because it creates a live, “face-to-face” experience that goes beyond traditional video teleconference systems by integrating full-spatial audio, interactive desktop, and high-definition, life-size video, providing an immersive experience in which it feels like all participants are in the same room. Participants look and sound as if they were in person. This is critical, because over 60 percent of communication is nonverbal. By representing participants in life-like dimensions, these classrooms will help facilitate a deeper level of understanding and a sense of teamwork among participants.

Please contact our service desk at RequestIT@wcswu.edu us if you’d like to arrange a demo or need additional information