WCSU Returns to Normal, Reopening Information and Covid-19 Updates

Information Technology & Innovation

Change in student email address format

To simplify and enhance your  on-line experience, we are eliminating the ‘@connect’ from student email addresses, meaning the new format will be ‘@wcsu.edu’, just as it is for faculty and staff.   This change will be implemented this Saturday 6/29/19 from 8am – noon and once completed, students  will login with lastname001@wcsu.edu instead of lastname001@connect.wcsu.edu.

  • Will my @connect.wcsu.edu email still work? Yes. All email to your @connect.wcsu.edu will be delivered to your new @wcsu.edu inbox.
  • Do I need to update all my account logins for [Prime, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc]?  No.  Any third party login will not be affected.  You will need to use your new @wcsu.edu account to login to your WCSU email and Office365 (outlook.com, office365.com, mail.wcsu.edu, etc).
  • I’m a new student: when will I get my email address? You will receive an activation email during the month of July at the address you gave to Admissions during your application process.  If you need to change that address, please contact Admissions@wcsu.edu  as soon as possible.
  • I just graduated in May 2019, what about me?  Your account will be converted along with current students.
  • I graduated before May 2019, what about me? You will keep your @connect.wcsu.edu account as is.

Please notify our service desk at RequestIT@wcsu.edu with questions or if you need assistance.


Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.