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Information Technology & Innovation

Transforming the way we share files and collaborate

You might have heard that our University is making the transition from our existing shared drives, know as H, N, X etc to Microsoft OneDrive.  To date, everyone’s H drive has been migrated with many students, faculty and staff  taking advantage of the advanced features of OneDrive that help improve file creation, sharing and collaboration.  Unlike the shared drives, users can create and control access to folders and files without any intervention from our Information Technology & Innovation (IT&I) staff.  Multiple users can edit a document concurrently – a huge benefit that eliminates the need to merge several independent copies of a document into one. There are many other advantages and you can learn more here.

Migrating our K drive will be a bit more challenging.  IT&I will work closely with the Information Technology Committee to come up with an approach and plan that serves our faculty’s needs.  We will work with administrative departments in a similar fashion.  More to follow on that in the next couple of months.

Recently many users of the ‘K’ and ‘X’ Drop off folders have migrated their files which will allow us to sunset these two folders. With every move from the shared drives to OneDrive, we are able to reduce our file storage and backup costs.  That combined with changes to our file backup strategy should enable us to save a projected $20 – $30K annually.

As with everything, it takes a team effort and we’d like to thank everyone who has joined in.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions – RequestIT@wcsu.edu or email me, John DeRosa at derosaj@wcsu.edu.

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