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Spring RN-BS course schedule

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Spring Course Schedule

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 RN-BS ONLINE Nursing Courses: Open To Registered Nurses Only


NUR 311 Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan                 3 SH  
Introduces concepts and techniques of a comprehensive health assessment in the context of the nursing process. The course addresses common health variations across the lifespan. Laboratory experiences provide students with the opportunity to refine their assessment skills.
Current RN license required.

NUR 301-71 Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Organizations       3 SH 
Introduction to the theories of leadership, management, group process, planned change and organizational communication within a complex health care delivery system. The focus is on designing a professional nursing role with the organizational dimensions of health care delivery.
Current RN license required.
Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BS program.

NUR 336-71   Human Health Experience                            3 SH
Exploration of the human experience from a holistic perspective. Attention is given to cultural, behavioral, biological, cognitive, spiritual, social and developmental factors that contribute to one’s view of health. Emphasis is placed on therapeutic nursing interventions that improve outcomes for patients. Teaching-learning interventions, health counseling and alternative/complementary therapies are selected as examples of holistic nursing approaches.
Current RN license required.
Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-BS program.

NUR 361-01   Research Process in Nursing       2 SH 
Exploration of the principles and concepts underlying the research process as it is used in conducting empirical nursing research studies.  Analysis and critique of extant nursing research, with an emphasis on evaluation of research for application in practice.
Current RN license required for RN-BS students.
Prerequisites: Admission to the RN-BS program, MAT 115 or MAT 120.

NUR 376-71   Professional Nursing Role Development               4 SH
Capstone course addressing issues related to professional nursing practice and the health care delivery system. Clinical experiences explore the full role of the professional nurse, including project development under the guidance of a clinical preceptor and faculty mentor.
Current RN license required.
Prerequisites: Admission to the RN-BS program, NUR 309 (was 220), 311(was 221), 329, 330, 332, 336, 361

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