School of Professional Studies

Mission and Vision Statement for School of Professional Studies

The Mission of the School of Professional Studies is to prepare students as highly competent professionals in careers of education, health and human services, who are also culturally competent advocates and professional leaders. The objective of the School is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge in the liberal arts, as well as professional coursework and community based experiential learning opportunities which values open communication, respect for others, and fosters creative and critical inquiry.

The School recognizes the critical role that technology will continue to play in preparing students for education, health, and human service careers. Faculty is committed to a curriculum that reflects the important role and impact that technology will have on these professions. In the 21st century the fields of education, health and human service professions must be uniquely positioned in the 21st century. As society becomes more complex and more technologically oriented, these professions will become more critical.

The School of Professional Studies recognizes that traditional approaches to the delivery of instruction must change. Limited funding for higher education, significant changes in career patterns (e.g. greater numbers of nontraditional and second career students), and changing demographics in the State are factors likely to impact the ways in which students learn.

The faculty within the School will continue to actively contribute to the body of knowledge of the education, health, and human service fields through applied research and scholarly activities, and will continue to challenge students in scientific inquiry and performance based practice. The faculty remains committed to lifelong learning in response to changes in the education, health and human service professions by offering continuing education for its alumni and practicing professionals.

Departments in the School of Professional Studies must be responsive, as well as creative in providing best practice teaching methods in each of their disciplines, including evidence based experimental learning practices, and interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts with other units within the University, and the professional communities.  With this as the goal, the School of Professional Studies foresees itself becoming the leading education center for Western Connecticut in each of the disciplines of education, health and human services.

Given the evolution from a State normal school to a university, and the success and recognition these programs have achieved to date, it is not difficult to envision each department housing an innovative Center for Excellence for each of the professions represented by the School. Further, since the School is defined by the education, health and human service fields, it is not unreasonable to consider enlarging the number of programs represented to include more of the education, health and human service professionals. This is in keeping with the projected increased need for education, health care and human service professionals nationally and in Connecticut.