Finding Our Way - WCSU STEM

2017-2018 Participants Proposals

2017-2018 Family Stewardship Proposals


  1. The Problem with Bethel Crossing. Abby Riolo; Petra Cirella; Fernando Pais. Highlight shortcomings of developers, and propose that buffer gardens be required for all new developments to reduce soil erosion. (Chinese).


  1. Waste To Our Watershed. Edison Ortiz; Brendan Trocchio; Olmer Granados. Start a plastic bottle collection program, and use money earned from recycling machines to repurpose jars, cups, and containers. (Portuguese).


  1. Pollution: Free is The Way To Be. Sharleen Huaman; Casey Ramos. Proposed the design of a solar powered floating robot that would sense sea surface trash and collected it. They also developed a trivia game to bring awareness to the problem. (French).


  1. Run-Off Pollution in The Ocean. Javiar Rodriquez; Noah Barnes; Tommy Tenemaquay. Start a beach clean-up campaign to help save marine life. (Polish).


  1. How Plastic Pollution Affects Candlewood Lake. Sharva Karthikeyan; Shristi Ramakrishman; Lasya Priya Vadlamani. Start a campaign to stop buying microbead containing products. (Telugu).


  1. Deforestation: How it Affects the Environment. Sierra Anderson; Natusha Guzman; Lauren Daley. Proposed to start a program to plant native trees. They also want to create a website and fliers to bring attention to the ecological problems caused by cutting trees. (French & Spanish).


  1. Humans Causing Problems in Our Fishing Community. Luiza Santana; Jadyn Lalier; Isabel Danielson. Proposed handing out PSA fliers that bring awareness to overfishing. They want to start a campaign to restrict and control fishing in Connecticut lakes and streams. (Spanish).


  1. Littering Around The World. Sahil Patel; Ishan Patel; Tanmay Patki. Propose to start a global campaign to buy trash cans and teach people to sweep walkways rather than hose walkway/sidewalk litter into the gutters. (Hindi).


  1. Eurasion Milfoil Has Invaded Candlewood Lake. Mia Danucci; Tori Houser; Tara Houser. Proposal to bring awareness to the use of sterile grass carp to control invasive aquatic plants. (Spanish).


  1. Save Water, Save Life. Elvira Villanueva; Andrea Lloyd; Naomi Barnes. Campaign to stop street trash from clogging city sewers. (Spanish & Portuguese).


  1. Candlewood Chemicals. Braedi Caraher; Charles Goldberg; Nandhitha Tunk, Nihaar Sankaran. Proposal to provide chemical disposal information to town residents, and organize town clean-up. (French).