Access Requests


All Access Requests for faculty and staff must be submitted by the appropriate department chair or division head.  Secretaries may submit the forms electronically, copied to the head or chair.

Access requests must be made for any secured area, including building exterior doors, interior office and classroom doors, labs, practice rooms, and any other specialty areas.

Please note that residence hall access for resident students and housing staff is managed directly by Housing and Residential Life.  Employees who require access to the residence halls however, should still submit their access requests to the WESTCONNect Office.

Each department is responsible for maintaining records of their access requests. In situations where the specific area requested is outside of the department’s area of responsibility, then authorization from the appropriate managing department will be requested.

To request access please use the Access Request App link below.

Access Request App

For a copy of the Access Request Excel form please use the Access-Request-Form opens EXCEL file link. The form will be downloaded to your computer. This form must be uploaded to the Access Request App located above, and not emailed directly to the office. Emailed submissions will not be processed.
Valid ID numbers are required for all forms. If you are requesting access for someone who does not have a Banner/University ID number, please contact the office so that an ID number may be provided to you.

Instructions on use of the app may be found here Access Request App Instructionsopens PDF file

All keys are inventoried through a computerized key inventory system maintained by the university locksmiths. Each key issued is assigned to an individual who is responsible for its use/misuse. Please do not loan your keys to others, or provide unauthorized access to restricted areas by unlocking doors for others. Please do not “swap” keys with others as you are still responsible for the keys issued to you through the key inventory system. If there is a need to reassign keys please contact the WESTCONNect Office staff.

All individuals granted card or key access agree to the WESTCONNect Access Receipt and Responsibility Statement.

Access Request Process

All access should be submitted on the official Access Request form using the Access Request App. Old forms, emails requests, or spreadsheets will not be accepted.  Only forms with authorization from the appropriate Department Chairs, Division Heads, or Deans will be accepted.

Expiration Dates

All students, university assistants, adjunct faculty, part time employees, and contractors  are granted access for the current semester (Fall, Winter Intersession, Spring, and Summer) or per their contract end date. At the end of the semester when the access was requested, it will expire.

Full time staff and faculty do not have expiration dates on their clearance assignments unless specified.