World Languages & Cultures

Language Requirement Options


  1. By completing three years of one foreign language in high school with an overall “C” average.
  2. By studying a total of three years of two foreign languages in high school with an overall “B” average.
  3. The language requirement may be met through one semester of study abroad ( the International Student Exchange Program — ISEP). Pre-requisite: one year of college-level study in the language of the country to be visited, or two years, high school level.
  4. Students who are native speakers of another language should consult the chair of the department for information regarding the language waiver policy. Documentation will be necessary to waive the requirement, such as a high school diploma from a country of origin outside of the United States.
  5. Students who plan to fulfill the foreign language requirement at WCSU should register as soon as possible to assure completion before graduation, and to allow the option to study abroad. ANY ONE of the following courses we offer fulfill this requirement:

Introductory Level Language

  • ARABIC 102
  • CHINESE 102 (Introductory II) (Follows Chinese 101)
  • FRENCH 164 (Introductory II) (Follows French 162)
  • GERMAN 164 (Introductory II) (Follows German 162)
  • ITALIAN 164 (Introductory II) (Follows Italian 162)
  • PORTUGUESE 102 (Introductory II) (Follows Portuguese 101)
  • SPANISH 164 (Introductory II) (Follows Spanish 162) PLACEMENT EXAM

Continuing Level Language & Above

* Heritage speakers of Spanish, or students who have studied Spanish in high school, are strongly encouraged to deepen their knowledge of language, culture, and literature in upper division courses. For placement, please contact the chairperson of World Languages & Cultures.