World Languages & Composition

World Languages and Composition Department


The Department of World Languages & Composition opens doors to the 21st century global economy with the continued growing demand for language skills for business, government, community groups, and international organizations.

In our composition and language classes, students are encouraged to be critical thinking citizens and leaders of our increasingly interdependent world community. As they study rhetoric in our composition courses, students are more prepared to succeed in college. Our students learn to view the world from diverse perspectives and to cross borders through effective communication based on an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Through the study of rhetoric and writing, languages, cultures, translation, and great works, students gain access to professional opportunities: travel, promotions, and an edge in our increasingly competitive employment market. Writing, rhetoric, language and culture proficiency gives students the power to think quickly from diverse viewpoints to make proposals, solve problems, and interact with diverse local and international populations, students, or clients. Even when bilingualism is not the deciding factor for initial employment, evidence confirms that excellent writing and language skills can enhance mobility and aid in admission to graduate study and job promotion.