World Languages & Composition

Language Placement Exam


For placement in French or Spanish, you are required to take a placement examination if you have studied the language before. This is free for any WCSU student. You can take this exam from any campus computer or from your own computer at home.

Heritage speakers of Spanish who have learned Spanish at home do not need to take the placement exam. You should schedule an oral proficiency interview with the chairperson of the World Languages and Cultures Department.

Please remember that the results:

  1. DO NOT place students OUT of a language requirement.
  2. DO place students INTO a course based on demonstrated knowledge of the language.

For students who place above Semester I, the World Language & Cultures Department may require an additional short oral interview before overriding prerequisites for registration in a Semester II or above course. This oral interview will help determine speaking ability in addition to this written placement exam.

Are you ready to take the exam? Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. PASSWORD: Please send an email to the chairperson of World Languages and Composition to receive a password:
    Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova, Chairperson (

  2. EXAM SITE: Once you have received your password, click on the following link to go to the exam site:.
  3. REGISTER: Sign in to the exam with your WCSU Name, Email, and Banner Student ID. (Note: Use the placement exam password, not your WCSU password.)
  4. SIGN IN: After you register, log into the exam website. (Note: Use the placement exam password, not your WCSU password.)
  5. TAKING THE EXAM: Choose either French or Spanish and begin the exam. It will continue until your placement has been determined. If you are not sure of an answer, choose what you think is the best option and continue until the exam is complete. The exam will end when the program has enough information to place you into a semester. The exam can take from 1-30 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is in your best interest to answer honestly and without assistance from dictionaries, textbooks, friends, etc. so that you are placed into the correct course for you. If you receive outside assistance, in effect you are “cheating yourself.” You may place into a course above your proficiency level and FAIL that course.

  1. SAVE RESULTS: When you have finished the exam, save your results. You can take these to any WCSU advisor or to the department of World Languages & Cultures for registration advising.

Semester 1 corresponds to our Introductory I
Semester 2 corresponds to our Introductory II
Semester 3 corresponds to our Intermediate I
Semester 4 corresponds to our Intermediate II

If your score places you beyond Semester 4, please contact the chairperson of World Languages & Cultures for advising for registration.

*For placement assistance in other world languages, please contact the chairperson of World Languages and Cultures Department.

Contact Information:

Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova, Chairperson
Department of World Languages and Composition
Phone: (203) 837-8734
Office: Higgins Hall, Room 218B, Midtown Campus