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MFA Creative & Professional Writing

This Week’s Spotlight: Sarah Darer Littman

Every writer has to find the process that works best – and what works best for one book might not work with the next. Laurie Halse Anderson (one of my writing idols) said that each book requires specific tools from your writer’s toolbox. I find it usually takes at least 20,000 words into a first draft for me to figure out which tools a book needs. Then there’s my current novel, which took three complete rewrites before that happened…

This Week’s Spotlight: Erik Ofgang

You have the tools to be a great writer. Unlike, say, a film director who might be constrained by a budget, you have the same access to our medium as Stephen King or James Patterson: pen and paper (or computer and cloud-based word processor that is being read by tech giants in the hopes of gleaning information about your purchasing habits)

This Week’s Spotlight: John Roche

MFA Alumnus Class of 2012, MFA Mentor, WCSU Professor, and Author of Bronx Bound: A Novel   October 12, 2018    Tell us a little bit about your genre. (I.e. why you write in this genre, how you discovered it, …