MFA Creative & Professional Writing

Public Reading Club Podcast

Public Reading Club, hosted by WCSU MFA student, Matt Caputo, is a podcast about books, reading, writing, and book people.


Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Public Reading Club, your host, Matt Caputo is joined by Paul Cantor, who recently wrote a biography on the life of the late Mac Miller. Matt also recommends a personal favorite from his collection. New episodes air every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning on WXCI 91.7

Episode 2

Briana Una McGuckin, WCSU MFA alum and author of the gothic suspense novel, “On Good Authority”, is our guest in the second episode of the Public Reading Club. We also speak with Anthony D’Aries, the coordinator for WCSU’s MFA creative and professional writing, about the program and his personal writing experience.