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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Writing Department

Writing Minor

A Writing Minor complements all majors and translates into stronger job skills and more advancement opportunities in any workplace. Consider some of the ways a Writing Minor can benefit you:

  • As an undergraduate student, your writing courses will help you produce superior papers for any academic subject. Better papers mean the higher grades essential for graduate school admission.
  • If you apply to graduate school, the writing courses on your transcript will signal to admissions officers that you possess strong communications skills. Because these skills are highly prized, especially in business, medical, and law programs, your writing minor may give you the edge over other qualified applicants.
  • When it comes time to apply for a job, your writing courses will enable you to showcase your talents through a well-crafted resume and a compelling cover letter that will set you apart from other candidates. Prospective employers in any workplace value employees who can communicate effectively with clients and each other.
  • Once you are in a workplace, strong writing skills will help you gain promotions. Good writers write more effective proposals and reports which win contracts as well as the approval and admiration of management.
  • If you choose a profession in an area such as Education, Psychology, Sociology, or any of the Sciences, you will be called upon to write up notes, reports and evaluations. You may also want to write for scholarly journals or present papers at conferences. Your Writing Minor will allow you to approach such writing tasks with confidence.
  • Apart from the workplace, everyday life requires good writing, whether it be penning a persuasive letter to the editor, composing an effective letter of complaint to a company, or just dashing off a note to a teacher.
  • A Minor in Writing is a smart choice. For more information, contact the Department of Writing, Linguistics and the Creative Process.

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