Michael J. Chappell 
   Ph. D., Fordham University
   Associate Professor of English
   Phone: 203-837-9366  Email: chappellm@wcsu.edu
   18th-century British literature, especially the Age of Johnson; literature of
   the Beat period; poetry; critical theory

Dr. Chappell's specialty is eighteenth-century British Literature, a period of    profound change due to the rise of the novel, the expansion of a literate middle class, and the impact of print.   He has published on Samuel Johnson, John Milton, and Percy Shelley.  He also teaches literature of the Beat period, critical theory, and poetry. A former technical writer in Chicago and New York City, Dr. Chappell wrote computer documentation, end-user manuals, systems training videoscripts, and computer system updates.   He is also an avid motorcyclist who publishes on motorcycle culture and is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies.