Faculty Handbook

Application For Sabbatic Leave For Faculty

Refer to Sabbatic Leave Procedures in the Faculty Handbook for instructions concerning completion and processing of this Sabbatic Leave Application and the attached Review forms. This application must be submitted by September 28th.
Names of Applicant __________________________________________________ Date_______________201__
Academic or Administrative Rank ___________________________________________________Department_______________
Duration of Leave requested (half year at full pay or full year at half pay)  
Inclusive Dates: From___________________201___ To_________________201__
Length of Service in CSU _____________________________  
Previous Sabbatic Leaves and Date ___________________________________________________________________________

If previous sabbatic leave has been granted, attach a copy of the written statement as referenced by the Academic Leave Bylaws section III.D.1 and the AAUP contract article 13.7.

Applicant should realize that this form is the main document used by the Academic Leave Committee.
Application should be prepared in detail and with care and include the following;

  1. Nature of the project.
  2. Specific goals to be accomplished.
  3. Evidence of specific knowledge and skills necessary to achieve stated goals (including curriculum vitae, if relevant).
  4. Facilities necessary to achieve stated goals.
  5. Professional contact for the project.
  6. Appropriate itinerary if travel is an integral part of the project.
  7. Potential benefit of this project to the University.
Other material may be included if applicant so desires. Attach additional pages and material to this application.

Revised: Aug. 1984; Mar. 1985; Sept. 1988
Senate approval: Nov. 16, 1988
Admin. Approval: Jan. 2, 1990
Senate Approval: Apr. 26, 1991 (R91-4-8)
Admin. Approval: May 15, 1991

Revised Senate: R-09-03-05

Admin. Approval 7/14/09


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