Faculty Handbook

Duplication Guidelines--for black and white printing

Assuming you have black and white printed material in finished, reproducible form (i.e., clear black type and clean artwork), and simply need additional copies, complete a Printing Requisition (pink for Midtown campus; yellow for Westside).  These forms are available from your dept. chair or you may pick them up in University Publications and Design (UPC) in Old Main 202.

Faculty must fill out their own printing requisitions and submit them, along with materials to be duplicated to UPD, Old Main 202.  Please, do not send your work to the Print Shop.  Turnaround time for duplication is usually three working days.  Allow five or more days for oversized jobs.  Westside campus should allow more time for mail delivery.  As a rule, all jobs are printed double-sided unless otherwise indicated on the requisition sheet.

Large quantity jobs:  We are frequently asked to reprint large quantities of classroom material.  In some cases, these reprints are used in lieu of, or in addition to, textbooks.  Publications of this type may be handled in-house; however, the cost of printing oversized jobs will be charged back on a case by case basis to the respective departments.

If it is determined that your job falls into this category, you will receive a call or e-mail from the director indicating specific chargeback costs and details on how to make budget transfers.  You will need to ensure that funds are available to make payment prior to the job being printed and delivered.

As an alternative means of handling large jobs, faculty may leave a copy of the required material on reserve in the library and request that students be individually responsible for photocopying work.


Duplication Guidelines--for color copies

We are able to produce color copies, however these will be charged back to your department at a rate TBD based on the project scope.  Please discuss with the director (x78293 or davisj@wcsu.edu) for specific chargeback costs and details about how to make budget transfers.

Printing options include standard and double-side copying; also booklets, heavy-and standard-weight stocks, with odd sizes up to 12 x 18 inches are available.




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