Faculty Handbook


Policy Concerning Emergencies Requiring Evacuation of Buildings

This is a policy/procedure statement regarding the reporting of alarms and evacuation of University buildings during fire and/or other emergencies. This statement is being issued to ensure the life and safety of faculty, staff, students and visitors.

An emergency exists whenever:

  • A building fire alarm is sounding;
  • An uncontrolled fire or imminent fire hazard occurs in any building or area of the campus;
  • There is the presence of smoke;
  • There is a spontaneous or abnormal heating of any material or an uncontrolled release of a combustible or hazardous material.

Campus buildings shall be immediately and totally evacuated whenever a building evacuation alarm is sounding.

  1. Upon discovery that an emergency exists, individuals shall:

    a.  Sound an alarm. Activate the building fire alarm in buildings equipped with manual pull stations.

    b.  Shut off all machinery or equipment.

    c.  Contain all hazardous materials (laboratories)

    d.  Leave the building immediately, closing all windows and doors behind you.

    e.  Meet the University Police Department and direct them to the emergency.

    f.  All fires, even if extinguished or found extinguished, must be reported.

  2. Evacuation procedures shall be as follows:

    a.  It shall be the responsibility of every person to immediately leave a University building whenever a fire alarm is activated or an emergency exists.

    b.  All students, faculty, and staff are required to leave the building, assemble a safe distance from the building, and remain outside until the emergency is over. No one shall restrict or impede the evacuation. Mobility impaired individuals should refer to specific procedures found in the WCSU Evacuation Procedure S-115.

  3. Information release to media and the public:

    a.  All information regarding fires or emergencies at the University shall be released through University Relations in cooperation with Environmental and Facilities Services. No other University department or employee may release official statements regarding the cause, origin, or nature of University fire or emergency situations.

Assistance will be provided by the Environmental and Facilities Services to anyone or any department requiring help and advice on its implementation.

Approved by President James R. Roach
Rev. 07/08


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