Faculty Handbook

Application for Faculty Development Funds

(All applications must be on this form.)

NAME_______________________________________________________________ Date_____________20___
This summary information must be filled out on cover sheet. Applications will not be considered if all information outlined below is not complete.
1.   Total amount of funds requested (Maximum $1,200 for full-time, $750 for part-time) $____________________
2.   Date of proposed use of funds:__________________________________________________
3.   Activity/purpose of funding request:______________________________________________
Please provide the following information in an attachment.  
  A. Clearly describe the nature of the project and how you anticipate it will improve WCSU and your professional life: as classroom teacher at WCSU (e.g., identify specific courses or methodologies), scholar, or provider of public service and/or information to others.  Proposals must include any printed material that relates to the project.
  B. All project expenses must be identified on a WCSU Request for Professional Travel Worksheet.  Proposals must include supporting documentation for any of the expenses listed on the WCSU Request for Professional Travel Worksheet:  fees, travel, lodging, meals and other costs.  The worksheet is located at www.wcsu.edu/travel.  Travel Authorization forms should not be submitted and/or substituted for this worksheet.
  C. Clearly state the time schedule for this project and plans for coverage of campus responsibilities.
  D. Have you applied for or received any other funding for this activity? If yes, from which source and for what amount? If no, please state reason for not applying or reason for denial.
  E. Submit nine (9) copies of all materials to the Faculty Development and Recognition Committee, c/o the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Signature of Applicant____________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Department Chairperson_________________________________________________________________
(The signature of the Chairperson is not related to an evaluation of the project; it simply indicates knowledge by the Chairperson that the application has been made.)

Revised March 2004
Revised Sept. 2006
Revised Aug. 2007

Rev. Senate Approv. R-10-03-03

President Approv. 6/15/10


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