Faculty Handbook

Institute for Holistic Health Studies Bylaws

Article I - Name

The name of this Institute shall be the Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHS).

Article II - Purpose

To develop respectful and cooperative relationships among people and organizations and their environment by providing information, education, and skills to improve the quality of life (health) of individuals within the community and region.

Article III - Objectives

  1. To provide services regarding quality of life (health) to public and private organizations and community agencies including academic instruction, conferences, meetings, lectures, workshops, continuing education courses, technical assistance, program evaluation, and research.
  2. To solicit and receive grants to facilitate research and education, and to enable program implementation.
  3. To establish linkages with community and professional organizations.
  4. To provide students and faculty a forum to conduct research on health, community development, and social justice.
  5. To encourage faculty and students to participate in understanding a holistic philosophy of life and health.
  6. To serve as a hub for Holistic Health Studies in the Region utilizing community resources.
  7. To publish a bulletin on an annual basis for distribution throughout the academic community and larger community to bring attention to matters of health.
  8. To provide students with field experiences which may result in internships to reinforce their classroom work, and post graduate employment.
  9. To serve as an educational resource for the public schools and general public.

Article IV - Operations

  1. The IHHS may solicit and receive grants, impose service charges, accept contracts, donations, and endowments from the public and private sectors in accordance with CSU policy and procedures.
  2. Funds received from grants, donations, and endowments will be deposited in an account administered by the University. Expenditure of such funds will be at the discretion of the Director of the IHHS and upon approval of a majority of voting members of the Institute.
  3. The IHHS is empowered to pay facilitators and others delivering service to the Institute or its clients in accordance with University policy.

Article V—Administration

  1. The IHHS shall be administered by a faculty Director appointed for three years by the President of the University and selected from WCSU faculty nominated by the Health Promotion and Exercise Science Department.
  2. The Director shall collaborate with academic disciplines in the University in implementing programs that include expertise outside the health field.
  3. An Advisory Board comprised of twelve members shall have an advisory function to the Director and shall include six WCSU individuals: the faculty Director, one faculty from each of the three Schools, one student appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Coordinator of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs, the Director of Health Services, and the Dean of the School of Professional Studies (ex officio). Additionally the Board will include one representative from the public schools, one representative from the corporate sector, one representative from the public health sector, and one representative from a non profit community based organization.

    A.  Term of office for each Board member from the University shall be two years. Term of office for each Board member from outside the University shall be two years. For the initial startup, three members representing the three schools in the University shall serve a two-year term and four members from the Community shall serve for one year. Term of office for the Director shall be three years. Term of office for the student representative shall be one year.

    B.  Board members shall be solicited from the University and Community. Board members may serve consecutive terms.

  4. At meetings of the Board, a majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote of those present and voting shall be necessary to carry a motion made.
  5. In the event of a vacancy of a Board member, the Director shall seek a replacement from the appropriate sector.
  6. Department affiliations may be established within the IHHS and each center will be managed by a Coordinator who shall be approved by the Director. Departmental coordinators will be responsible to the Director for coordination of activities in concert with IHHS activities and will operate in accordance with Institute Bylaws.
  7. Centers shall present Bylaws for approval by the Director contingent upon approval by the University Senate.

Article VI - Duties Of The Director

  1. The Director presides over Board meetings and guides the IHHS in achieving the purposes as defined in Article II, assuring that such services and ongoing operations are consistent with federal, state, and local law and, in accordance with University policy.
  2. The Director is responsible for establishing a mechanism for minutes of the Board meetings to be taken.

    A.  The Director will make a copy of the minutes of each meeting available to each member as delineated in Article IX.

  3. The Director signs official correspondence.
  4. The Director in conjunction with the HPX Chair (unless the Director is the Chair) requests disbursement of funds through the special funds account in accordance with University policy.
  5. The Director will present to the Board and to the University Senate at their May meetings an annual report concerning the programs and services provided by the IHHS during the previous academic year from Summer Intersession through the academic year.

Article VII - Evaluation And Audit

An annual evaluation of the Institute’s activities and an accounting of all funds it generates will be conducted by the Director of the IHHS in collaboration with the Business Office. Results will be provided to the Dean of the School of Professional Studies, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University President, the University Senate, and Office of Finance and Administration.

Article VIII - Meetings

Meetings of the Advisory Board will be called by the Director at least twice each academic year. A special meeting can be convened by the Director.

Article IX - Minutes

Minutes of all IHHS meetings will be distributed to members of the IHHS, the Dean of the School of Professional Studies, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University President, and the University Senate.

Article X - Bylaws Amendments

Bylaws may be amended by the Director upon approval by the University Senate.

Senate Approved December 15, 1999
Admin. Approval:  May 4, 2000


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