Faculty Handbook


Upon the recommendation of the University President, the Senate established the office of Ombudsman on February 17, 1988.

The Ombudsman, a member of the AAUP bargaining unit, is elected to office by both the AAUP membership and the Administrative Faculty of the University (March 23, 1988), and shall:

a.  Work with the office of the President to resolve complaints which cannot be settled through normal channels and, in addition, will have direct access to the President.

b.  Report to the Senate (with constraints of confidentiality). (The Senate clarified this to mean to make appropriate and adequate reports, one at the last meeting of each semester, and to accept appropriate Senate recommendations).

c.  Participate in the President’s Cabinet in matters of strategic planning, budget and general policy, but not in management confidential and personnel discussions.

d.  Receive agendas and follow-up documentation of the Academic and Administrative Councils, and meet with the Provost/Academic Vice President and Finance and Administrative Vice President as often as he/she deems necessary to discuss items considered or to be considered at either council.

e.  Receive three (3) load credits of reassigned time per semester for a period of two years. (This reassigned time may be renewed for a period beyond the two years if the WCSU President and the WCSU-AAUP President both agree to the continuation.)

f.  Have a two-year term of office, but shall not be eligible for a consecutive second term.

g.  Represent both AAUP members and Administrative Faculty and students on appropriate issues.



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