Faculty Handbook

Research and Development Committee Bylaws

I. Areas Of Responsibility

A.  To develop and recommend policies to encourage and support research at Western Connecticut State University.

B.  To facilitate and review research efforts on the campus and with other organizations, e.g., a research corporation or foundation, as necessary.

C.  To recommend review procedures governing Western Connecticut State University contractually mandated reassigned time for research.

D.  To review and make recommendations to the Provost/Vice-President for Academic Affairs on applications for reassigned time for research.

E.  To receive and document the submission of reports of the activities and results of approved reassigned time for research projects.

F.  To cooperate and coordinate with other campus bodies and administrators in actively promoting and publicizing the scholarly activities of the WCSU community.

G.  To keep a proper record of all committee actions.

II. Membership

A.  Total membership: 9

    1. Seven (7) teaching faculty members, no more than two from each school or from the Library/Counselors/Coaches group.

      a.  Five (5) selected by the teaching faculty for overlapping three-year terms, with one from each School and one from the Library/Counselors/Coaches group.

      b.  Two (2) administratively appointed for overlapping three-year terms.

    2. One (1) non-teaching faculty members selected by the members of the committee.
    3. Director of the Office of Sponsored Research Administrative Services or designee.
    4. During a year in which an elected Research and Development Committee member applies for reassigned time for research, their committee membership shall be suspended for the fall semester (during which time applications for reassigned time are considered) and they shall not participate in the evaluation of applications.  Upon notice of such application by the committee member, the Chair of the committee shall contact the Nomination and Elections Committee Chair and request the name of the runner-up from the school or group's most recent election that the applicant represents, so they may request that they substitute for the elected member for the application review and selection process during the fall semester.  If no runner-up is available, university Senate procedures for selection of the replacement of an elected member shall be utilized under the same provisions noted above.  If an appointed member applies for reassigned time, a temporary replacement shall be appointed by the Provost under the same provisions noted above.

III. Conduct Of Business

A.  Meetings

    1. The first meeting of each academic year shall be convened by the newly elected chairperson. At this meeting, the committee shall receive and document reports of the previous years’ reassigned time for research projects.
    2. All members of the committee will have voting power, except when there is a conflict of interest.
    3. Actions of the committee will be affirmed by a majority vote of those members present at any duly scheduled meeting.

B.  Officers

    1. The chairperson shall be elected by majority vote of next year’s committee members at the last meeting of the academic year.
    2. The position of secretary shall be filled by each members in turn on an alphabetical rotating basis, unless otherwise agreed to by the committee.

C.  Reports

    1. The committee shall report through its chair all policy recommendations to the University Senate.
    2. The committee shall submit to the Provost/Vice-President for Academic Affairs and The University Archivist a copy of the reports of the projects of the previous year.
    3. The committee shall submit an annual report to the University Senate.
    4. The committee shall report to the faculty-at-large on all pertinent matters.
    5. The committee shall submit reports to other organizations as required and necessary.

D.  Minutes

Minutes of all meetings shall be distributed to:

    1. All members of the committee.
    2. University Senate President.
    3. University Archivist (2 copies).

E.  Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting at which there is a quorum and the approval of the University Senate and the President of the University.

Sept. 16, 1980; Rev. Senate approval: Jan. 21, 1990 (R90-2-2); Admin. Approval:  May 8, 1990
Rev. Senate Approval: Nov. 14, 1990 (R90-11-9); Admin. Approval:  Feb. 1, 1991
Rev. Senate Approval:  Apr. 17, 1991 9R91-4-11); Admin. Approval:  May 15, 1991
Rev. Senate Approval:  Dec. 18, 1991 (R91-12-6); Admin. Approval:  Apr. 14, 1992
Rev. Senate Approval November 15, 2000 (R-0010-05)
Admin. Approval:  December 14, 2000
Rev. Senate Approval: (R-05-02-05), 3/16/05
Admin. Approval: 4/19/05
Senate Approval:  Feb. 21, 2007 (R-07-02-07)
Admin. Approval:  5/4/07

Revised Senate Approval: R-09-05-04

Admin. Approval:  7/14/09


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