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Academics : Undergraduate Academic Program Summaries

Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences

NOTE: The program summaries below are for students admitted prior to 2016 and transfer students admitted in 2016. All students admitted in the fall of 2016 with fewer than 15 credits should meet with their advisors to go over their spring plans. In January, you will have access to Degree Works, where your four year plans and degree requirements will be listed.

Program Summaries:


Applied Computing

Applied & Computational Math – Actuarial Science

Applied & Computational Math – Differential Equations & Scientific Computing

Applied & Computational Math – Machine Learning & Data Science

Biology (Professional option)

Biology (Bioscience option)

Biology (Ecological option)


Chemistry ACS Approved

Chemistry (Biochemistry option)

Chemistry (Biochemistry option/ACS Approved)

Communication (Communication Studies option)

Contract (in Philosophy)

Computer Science

Digital Interactive Media Arts (Art Option)

Digital Interactive Media Arts (Computer Science Option)

Digital Interactive Media Arts (Media Production Option)

Earth and Planetary Sciences


English (Literature)


Interdisciplinary Studies


Media Arts (Media Production option)


Political Science

Professional Writing (Business & Technical Writing option)

Professional Writing (Creative Writing option)

Professional Writing (Journalism & Public Relation option)


Social Sciences

  • Social Sciences (Anthropology/Sociology option)
  • Social Sciences (Family option)
  • Social Sciences (Global option)
  • Social Sciences (Multicultural option)


Liberal Arts

Undecided/Exploratory Studies