Center for Business Research

Center for Business Research (CBR)

Providing applied educational experiences to students in a variety of research areas related to business and organizational objectives.

In addition to the educational experiences, “The CBR” is committed to being seen as an alternative research resource for regional organizations in the Fairfield county, CT area.

To our organizational visitors, business and not-for-profit, please review our site to learn more about “The CBR” and how it can assist with your business research needs.
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Service to Regional Organizations
The competitive nature of businesses today is focused on organizational growth and bottom-line improvement. Departments, such as marketing and its research responsibilities are key to organizational growth and prosperity. However on occasion this department may fall victim to significant budget cuts. An alternative is to utilize the services of “The CBR”.

“The CBR” exists to educate our future business leaders ie. students, through cooperative efforts with local organizations. Since the emphasis of “The CBR” is on applied business research, outside organizations are expected to be the primary source of research projects.


Faculty, staff and student members of The CBR