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Completed Projects

The CBR is a student-based educational organization.

Therefore, students will play the key role in producing the research. Internships, University Assistantships, Student Developed Studies approved by Departments, and course projects are all potential avenues of student participation. Both graduate and undergraduate students are expected to play a role in the CBR.

Students may participate in any or all of the following types of activities through the CBR.

  • design of research plans including; specification of study objectives, determining the proper data collection methods, and the selection of proper statistical analysis techniques./li>
  • collection of secondary source (library) data on campus, through the Internet, or at other libraries off-campus.
  • collection of primary source data by means of various survey methods.
  • data entry into analysis programs.
  • conducting statistical analyses.
  • developing reports and presentations.

Students participating in the CBR are expected to gain foundations in research that will be valuable for advanced study or career goals.