Center for Business Research

About the CBR

The Center for Business Research (CBR) is a not-for-profit educational organization and was developed to provide applied educational experiences to undergraduate and graduate students in a wide variety of research areas related to business. It was approved by the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University on December 13, 1996. It is governed by a Board composed of the Dean of the Ancell School of Business, representatives from each of the Ancell Departments (and Division), two members from outside the Ancell School, and two student volunteers selected by the members of the Board.

The CBR interacts with the university and outside community through a number of channels. In addition to the CBR Board, an Advisory Board exists composed of selected research practitioners and other community members.

Funding for the CBR comes by way of grants, contracts, donations and endowments in accordance with CSU policies and procedures. As such, the CBR is empowered to pay students as employees and others who are involved with delivering services to the Center or its clients.

The research reports produced by the CBR are primarily student products. Advisement and guidance is provided by faculty participants. Faculty members volunteer and act as advisers on CBR projects. Faculty advisement may include; assistance in developing research plans, directing students sources of information, and guidance in statistical analyses and report presentation.

The CBR concept is consistent with the missions of WCSU and CSU. Emphasis is on student achievement, encourage multidisciplinary perspectives, concentrate on applied research, and utilize current technologies.