Center for Business Research

Program Objectives

The Primary objective of The CBR is to provide applied educational experiences to students in a variety of research areas related to business. These research areas include but are not limited to the following: human resources, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, business law and security, management information systems and economics.

The Secondary objective is to establish links among the departments of the Ancell School of Business. With an increased emphasis on integration of business functions, the multidisciplinary CBR will provide a mechanism for collaborative research. Additionally, The CBR also wishes to engage faculty from other departments in the university when appropriate research projects arise.

The Third objective is to become a research resource for local and regional organizations. Since the emphasis of The CBR is on applied research, outside organizations are expected to be the primary source of research projects. The CBR will provide services to organizations when the educational objectives of The CBR are compatible with the research objectives of an organization.

The Fourth objective is to provide students (and faculty) with the opportunity to use current research technologies. These technologies may include computerized database searches, interactive computerized survey programs, computer-based statistical packages, and computer-based presentation programs.