WCSU Returns to Normal, Reopening Information and Covid-19 Updates

Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

March 18th – President’s Message to Students

March 18, 2020

Dear University Community:

As we work to become a virtual university for the remainder of the spring semester, I recognize that many of you have questions about what this will look like and how it will work. While teaching and learning online – and teleworking – is a novel concept to many of us, our institution has been actively preparing for such a move and is in a good position to continue providing quality educational opportunities while allowing our students, faculty, and staff to practice social distancing as recommended by state experts working to “flatten the curve” of the virus.

CSCU President Ojakian mentioned in his note to the community yesterday that we would provide you with important information on several issues. In many cases, we have already posted that information on the FAQ for students and sent emails. We will continue to update you with answers to your questions including:

At this time, all students who were living in the Residence Halls are being contacted about when and how to pick up their belongings. If you were a residential student, you will have an email before the end of the today, so keep checking in. Student Athletes and students in the School of Visual and Performing Arts will also be notified by email about returning and/or pickup up their equipment.

  • How to receive critical supports such as academic support, advising, and disability services.
  • How to access food pantries with the campus closed.
  • How to contact tech support to continue your studies online.
  • Information on free internet offers for those who don’t have access during the outbreak.

We will also share a timeline and process for the issuance of credit for unused room and board in coming days.

I know this is a very stressful time for everyone but I want to express my deep appreciation for your cooperation and support as the university takes every measure to protect our community against the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Provost Missy Alexander and Vice President Keith Betts reminded us, we are all in this together and we’re going to find solutions to whatever problems emerge.

We will provide you with further updates very soon.


Dr. John B. Clark


Western Connecticut State University