Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

Student Services


Coaches and teams are in constant communication and available for support. DIII week will include an all sport “shout out” done by SAAC as well as virtual senior recognitions. Seniors, if you did not respond to the questionnaire, please do so immediately. Please contact the Athletics office with questions.

Career Success Center:

The Career Success Center is fully operational virtually including:

  • Virtual Walk-in operations – Career Peer Leaders are online every day the university is open 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. via WEBEX for students to “drop in” virtually. See our website ( to enter into our virtual room and for our extensive virtual offerings. Contact for more information.
  • Virtual Job Boards – log in to your Handshake account to see the continuously updated list of jobs (some virtual). See also our website for other job help and sources. There are some urgent needs for job fills.
  • Virtual Workshops – Stay tuned to our website for a listing of upcoming virtual events or contact for a personalized workshop for any student group.
  • Virtual Career Coaching – students can receive individualized Career Coaching via WEBEX; connect through our website portal during walk-in hours or make an appointment via Handshake at a time convenient to you (we will send out a special WEBEX link directly to you for the customized coaching.) Contact: Christine Hoy for more information.
  • Virtual Career Fair – WCSU is partnering with our sister school, Eastern Connecticut State University to produce a two day Virtual Career Fair on May 20 and 21; we are expecting dozens of employers so get ready and stay tuned for instructions on how to navigate this new kind of resource.
  • Internship Academic Support – Plan an internship for the next semester, live and/or virtual. Point of contact:

The Center for Empowerment and Education (formerly The Women’s Center):

Advocates at the Center for Empowerment and Education are available online for counseling, advocacy, and educational programs. Services are available to new or returning clients and educational classes via phone, WebEx, or other platforms. To connect with an advocate, please email Sydney Trezza at or Cara Mackler at Our 24-hour confidential hotlines are also available at 203-731-5204 and 203-731-5206. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @TheCenterEEoncampus and on Facebook.

Center for Student Involvement (CSI):  

CSI is currently operating virtually and is continually meeting with the Student Government Association and the Program Activities Council. If clubs have any questions regarding club finances, cancelled/postponed events, end of the year club officer elections or anything else regarding club/organization activities, please go to our website at

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Substance Abuse Prevention Office:

While we are working remotely, we can be reached at 203-837-8899 or by email to Please call or email if you have any questions about how we can support you during the closure. We will respond to all your questions on a daily basis.

  • We are collaborating with local and State 12-step recovery programs to be able to offer “virtual meetings” for students in recovery.
  • We have added links to these meetings/resources and will add more as they become available.
  • We are contacting all our cases and are continuing “virtual sessions”.

Counseling Services:

Counseling Services staff is available by phone to provide support during this challenging time. Information on how to manage the impact of COVID-19 can also be found on the Counseling Services’ webpage at and Instagram account @wcsu_counselingcenter.

Event & Conference Management:

The department is working with the SGA, Provost’s Office and Alumni Relations to formulate plans for alternate commencement and activities in the fall semester. Members of Clubs and organizations should now begin to think about events and meetings for the fall semester; please begin to make requests via the Web App (

Health Services:

Health Services remains committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for our students as we embrace our virtual campus status. Regular exercise, healthy food choices, and stress-relieving activities are essential, especially while practicing social distancing. Not only will you feel better, but you will also give your immune system a boost to help keep you healthy.

The office will not be open for appointments for the remainder of the spring semester, but you are always welcome to call the office with any questions or concerns at 203-837-8594.

  • Links to state and local COVID-19 information and testing are available on our webpage
  • Check our webpage for Health & wellness tips during isolation

Housing & Residence Life:

The Housing & Residence Life Office, through their Arms and RA’s, is hosting virtual live stream student study groups, digital meet-ups for coffee or lunch, and programs via conference calls, and is communicating with resident students regarding upcoming room selections for the fall semester.

InterCultural Affairs:

The Office of InterCultural Affairs will continue to support students and our member clubs, encouraging them to take advantage of any virtual campus or outside programs that may be offered to them.

Judicial Affairs:

The Office of Judicial Affairs is still open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Friday online to address and assist any students, faculty, or staff with any concerns or issues that would need advice or adjudication. Please call our office number at 203-837-8770 or email and we will get back to you in a timely way.


In order to support our university community during this time of uncertainty, WestConn Rec is providing tips, videos and other resources on our Instagram page. Follow us at WestConnREC to stay engaged and connected during our facility closures and social distancing efforts! Your health and wellness are still our top priority!

Student Government Association:

The Student Government Association is looking for your input and issues regarding anything related to the move of classes online as well as any other problems, concerns or ideas students may have during this trying time. You can contact the SGA through their website at


Many people think that if they are not sick, then they are well. However, the definition of wellness is optimal health and vitality, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social and environmental well-being. Besides looking into the many other services provided on our Wellness and other Student Services webpages, we encourage you to take the opportunity to travel the world virtually and take care of your emotional, intellectual, and physical health by experiencing these wonderful programs listed below.

Art and Entertainment

Alvin Ailey Launches New Streaming series with “Revelations – Alvin Ailey announces the launch of a brand-new online streaming series,”Ailey All Access”. The program brings together a collection of full-length works, dance classes and original short films – all from the dance company.

Broadway Show Tunes that Will Put a Smile on Your FaceTo keep your spirits up, members of the Broadway’s Best for Great Performances Facebook Group has shared the show tunes that always put a smile on their faces.

The Dali Museum – Located in Saint Petersburg, FL, featuring more than 2,400 works by Salvador Dali, this museum offers virtual tours of its grounds and gallery.

Full-length theater shows now streaming – All-Arts and Thirteen have the cure for you if you’re at home fidgeting on your sofa. Watch five episodes of the “Best of Broadway” collection from Great Performances that are streaming now.

Lincoln Center at Home – This is a new series of classes, concerts and performance videos. The family-focused efforts are divided into two distinct series: Lincoln Center Pop-Up classroom and #ConcertsforKids.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Met has an award winning series of YouTube videos set to calming music, to view the incredible architecture within the museum.The project is called The Met 360. Access these videos by going to Here you’ll find all 6 videos from the series.

Metropolitan Opera in New York City – This renowned opera is streaming a performance every night at 7:30 p.m. EST. The recordings then remain available for 20 hours (until 3:30 p.m. the following day). To access the Opera, go to, and click on “watch now” to see the most recently published opera.

“Play at Home Site” – Five major theaters have come together to commission ultra-short plays meant to be performed at home. They all are under 10 minutes and are available for free. Participants can download the scripts and stage commissions from home.

Step Inside The Studios of Artists from Around the World – A sampling of films that reveal the range of artist’s studio processes and workday routines has been compiled to boost your creativity while staying safe at home.

What to Stream: Emilio Delgado, A Sonic Exploration of Bachata music and MORE – Free programming available on ALL ARTS. This is a highlight of their staff’s favorite shows.

Recreation and Exercise

PE with Joe – Thirty minute workouts on YouTube.


Travel The World On your Couch With These Virtual Vacations – Institutions all around the world are pulling together to give people the resources to learn and explore from home; museums, Historic Monuments, National Parks and Zoos.

The British Museum of the World in London, England – This museum has a collection of galleries you can view online. Go to, Then, click on “Collection”, then “Galleries”. Scroll down just a little and see where it says “Virtual Galleries”. You can then choose which gallery you’d like to view.

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France – This museum offers virtual tours of some of their galleries. To access these virtual tours, visit and select which tour you’d like to view.

Immersive World Museums – Visit the New Museum in New York which has been showing immersive installations and performances.

Monterey Bay Aquarium in California – Live-streaming penguins, otters, jellyfish and more. Watch these creatures via a FREE live streaming camera. Access this camera at Click the Tab that says “ANIMALS”, then on the bottom of the list on the right click “LIVE CAMS”. Here you can select which animal habitat you’d like to observe and enjoy! Live cameras are available from 10 am to 10 pm PST daily.

Most Famous Buildings in Dubai

From luxury properties to massive malls and dazzling skyscrapers, the emirate of Dubai has come a long way from its beginnings as a fishing village decades ago. Today, the emirate’s architectural wonders are considered nothing short of a marvel worldwide. From the world’s only 7-star hotel to the world’s tallest tower and a palatial hotel based on a lost paradise, here is our take on the most famous buildings in Dubai.

1200 Museums and cultural sites to visit on a virtual tour – There are over a thousand museums that can now be explored online for free. Google Arts and Culture have partnered to host virtual tours of museums and other landmark sites.

San Diego Zoo – The zoo has both live and pre-recorded videos of their animals which you can watch. Go to From there you can scroll down and select which animal you’d like to watch.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – View exhibits in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, via virtual tours online. Go to From that web page, you can scroll down and click the exhibit you’d like to view.

Danbury Museum From Home – DanburyMuseum has added a new page to their website that will have new items for you on a weekly basis. It can range from a word search to the Tricentennial Committee’s book on the Hat City’s unusual place Names. Please forward COVID-19 thoughts, photos, poems, writings, anteing you want to keep for posterity to show what we did during this time so Danbury of the future knows what we did, how we persevered and how we came together as a community. Please email to

The Women’s Center – please see The Center for Empowerment and Education above

Last updated: 10/29/21