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Academic Resource Mentor (ARM) Employment

What is an Academic Resource Mentor (ARM)?

2019-20 ARM Staff

Fall 2019 ARM Staff

Academic Resource Mentors (ARMs) are student peer helpers who live in each building on campus.  These students work with any student who is looking to improve their academic growth while at WCSU.  ARMs are well-versed on the many resources available on campus to students who may need a bit more help with their academics, such as the Math Clinic, Writing Center, Tutoring Resource Center, or Ancell Learning Center.  Beyond this, ARMs can assist students through individual or group academic coaching, helping to discover things that might be holding a student back, and working with them to discover tools and skills that will provide a means to break through a log-jam they might be facing.  For students who aren’t struggling academically, they can also help them to discover tips and tools that will improve or magnify their successes.    ARMs also provide academic and life-skill programs that are aimed at preparing students for their life here as a student and in the greater world once they graduate and move on!

How Do I Become an ARM?

ARMs are chosen through a selection process that begins in late January or early February for the following year.  During this process, there is an application that must be completed, along with references to be provided. There will usually be posters and social media announcing the start of the process, so make sure to watch for information and due dates.  Generally, the ARM selection process includes turning in these applications and references (as well as a resume), and then participating in a group process of activities, followed by in-person interviews with several of the current HRL staff.

Students wishing to become an ARM should have a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA, and generally must have sophomore, junior, or senior status.  ARMs are also expected to complete 12 or more credits each semester.

The term of the ARM is for an entire academic year (Fall -Spring).  On occasion, an ARM will need to leave the position after the fall semester, and in that case, a similar process is utilized in November or December to recruit and fill those positions, although often in an abbreviated format.

Do I get paid to be an ARM? YES!!

We of course believe the benefits far outweigh what you receive, but yes, there’s remuneration for those who become ARMs.  Here are the details:

ARMs receive the following for their services:

  • Housing costs for a single room (costs are waived)
  • 10 hours/ week (office and programming hours served each week). The pay rate is currently $15.00 for ARMs.