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As you’ll notice, much of our website focuses on information for students who are already on campus. But you’re new — what’s important for you to know?

Through June, we busily collect information from all of you who are looking to live on campus for the Fall. In addition to your 1) Housing application, we need to receive a 2) Housing deposit ($250.00, non-refundable deposit that is applied toward your housing costs for the semester when you are assigned a room), and 3) Evidence that you have received a meningitis vaccine, as required by Connecticut State statute. Please remember – to guarantee your space, deposits must be received by May 1st for the fall semester.

When we have all this information in hand, we will assign you to a temporary room. Your bill for WCSU, when it is posted in June, will reflect room (housing) and board (meal) charges.

** Please note: Acceptance into a particular school, program, or sport  does not guarantee placement on the Westside Campus. Requests for assignments on the Westside are based upon available space, as well as the date of your housing file being completed.

Prior to summer Orientation, you still have a little time to request roommates — perhaps your best friend from 1st grade is coming and you didn’t realize it, so now you’d like to live together. We try hard to make sure that happens. If you are requesting someone, make sure that you both request each other. That’s the first criteria we use in making assignments. If you didn’t know your friend was coming at the time you filled out your application, feel free to email us and we will update your requests. Please remember — you won’t receive a room assignment if we don’t have all 3 parts of your file: application, deposit, and proof of meningitis vaccine. If assignments are made and your requested roommate does not have a complete file, we will not be able to assign the two of you together. Roommate requests should be made within 2 weeks of the other person, and should be received prior to June 9th to be considered. Remember, the later the “mutual request” comes in, the more difficult it is to accommodate your request.

students walkingAfter June Orientation, we begin making your actual room assignment. If you have requested a roommate, and that person requested you, and your files are both complete, chances are good (but not guaranteed) that we can assign you together. Otherwise, we use the other questions you filled out on your application to make your assignments. (Please keep in mind that we never are able to guarantee that we can 1) assign you with the person you requested; or 2) assign you to your choice of buildings. We simply promise you that we will do the best we can to honor your preferences.) Once we make our assignments, as new applications come in or files get completed, we will fill spaces on a first come-, first completed file-, first served- basis after this time.

For students who come to WCSU as new students in the Spring semester, most of the process is the same. You submit a housing application, pay a housing deposit, and provide evidence that you have received your meningitis vaccine. You will not be assigned a space until we have all of these in hand. However, we also do not assign new students to rooms until the fall semester, and our selection process for current resident students, is completed. You will receive an email notice of your assignment via your university email address in late December or early January.

It is important to note that a meal plan is required in all residence halls. Fairfield, Litchfield, and Newbury halls require an Ultimate meal plan. Students may select the Platinum plan as well, but may not opt to take a smaller plan (Blue or Gold) if they are assigned to live in these halls. Centennial Hall requires a Platinum meal plan, but may opt to select the Ultimate plan if they’d prefer.  In Grasso and Pinney halls, students are required to have a Blue meal plan. Students living in Grasso or Pinney may select a larger plan (the Blue Plus, Gold , Gold Plus, Platinum, Platinum Plus, or Ultimate plans) by filling out a meal plan change request form.

Once we’ve made the assignments, in early to mid- July you will receive an email (on your WCSU email account) that will give your building and room assignment, as well as information about your roommate(s) and how to contact them. (Need help configuring your email? Click here.) After assignments are made and sent to you, we will not make changes to them until 2 weeks after school begins (unless a student decides to not accept housing, and we refill their space). We will attempt to let you know if a change is made. But if you’re looking to change rooms or roommates, you won’t be able to make that change until after school begins and we are able to verify that everyone who booked a space has arrived.

If you’re unsure about your status, you can always give a call to our office (203-837-8531). Effie or one of our student staff will be happy to update you. And, each Thursday afternoon, we will send emails to those of you who are “missing” a piece of your housing file, letting you know what is still missing and needed in order to assign you to a room.

Please take a look around the website for more information that you’ll find important. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions. Again, you can email us, or give a call to 203-837-8531.

We look forward to your arrival next semester!

We strongly recommend students have their own (or their parents’ homeowner’s) insurance.  Please see the video below:

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