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Current Students

So you’re living on campus…

There’s a lot of information to know when you’re living on campus.  This page will help to put the things you’ll need in a convenient space to find it.

There are a variety of forms students living on campus may need to use from time to time, including Guest Visit Parental Permission Online forms, Housing Contract Cancellation Request forms, Disability Housing Request forms, and others.  Click on the FORMS icon to the left to reach that page.

If you are considering making a move, or where you’ll live in the future, here’s a quick link to the current costs for housing on campus.

Forget what you brought to campus, or confused about what you might need for a new room at the Westside?  Click the icon to the left for more info.

Are you confused about what meal plans might be available to you?  Need to know if Sodexo can feed you even though you are gluten intolerant or have a tree-nut allergy?  Check out the dining services website by clicking on the icon.

There are many ways to be involved at WCSU, and many of those are found in Housing & Residence Life.  Some are volunteer (like Hall Council), and others may pay (like Info Desk staff).  Take a look by clicking the icon to the left.

Sometimes you don’t know or may forget the many policies and procedures we expect you to follow on campus.  Take a minute to review our Residence Life Guide by clicking the icon to the left.

There are usually a lot more questions students have, and many of them can be answered here, on our FAQ page.  One of the most important features is a list of dates and times that the buildings will be opened and closed during the year for breaks or other reasons.  Take a look at this page if you have questions we haven’t answered here.

Due Dates

As things become due (like housing deposits, job applications, or requests to stay on campus during breaks, etc.), check out this area for information on those due dates.

In-Semester Room Change

From the time assignments are made until the end of the first two weeks of the semester, students may not request a room change.  However, once we reach the first day of classes, you may put in your request to move if you want to be considered.

You may do this by emailing your building’s resident director to inform him or her of your desire to change rooms.  If you know the student you wish to live with, be sure to give his/her name to the RD.  Your friend may also want to let the RD know that they’d like you to move in with them as well.  If you are looking to change buildings, you’ll want to email both your current RD and the RD of the building you’d like to move to.

Generally, room changes are permitted from the second to the 6th week of the semester.  Room changes may occur outside of that time, but it is almost always for emergency or occupancy reasons as determined by the housing office.

Please be aware that, if you have a space in your room, it is available for others to move into.  We try very hard to give you notice that someone is coming in, but we hope that you will welcome them and get to know them.

Similarly, if you are hoping for a friend to move into your room, it’s not a good idea to make your roommate uncomfortable and like they want to move out.  And, unless your roommate agrees to move from the room, we will not force anyone from their assigned space.

Room Selection – Spring or Fall

Each semester, there’s a process you’ll need to do to secure your room for the next semester.  WHAT you’ll need to do will be determined by what semester it is, whether you’re planning to stay in your current room or you’re looking to leave, and who you wish to live with.

When it’s time for selection to start, we’ll post a link here for you to find all the information you’ll need to be able to successfully complete your room selection process for the next semester.  Be sure to look here in mid-October for the Spring, and as early as mid-February for the Fall selection process.