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Housing & Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Housing Open / Close / Holiday Schedule
    Opening – First Year & TransferMonday, August 24, 20208:00 amFirst year/transfer students move in beginning at 8 am according to appointment time; Dining Services will open at 10 am for Brunch (meal plan begins)
    Opening – Returning StudentsTuesday, August 25, 20208:00 amResidence halls open for returning students at 8:00 am according to appointment time.
    Classes for all students begin Wednesday, August 26th.
    Fall Closing – Thanksgiving – SpringTuesday, November 24, 20206:00 pm

    Residence halls close at 6:00 pm until Spring, 2021.

    Tuesday night’s dinner is the last meal on your plan until Spring.

    FinalsDecember 9 – 15, 2020 Finals end.  Fall semester ends.
    IntersessionWednesday, December 16, 2020 – Friday, January 22, 2019 

    Intersession Housing availability to be determined.  

    **Intersession was extended by one week due to Covid-19.  (From Jan. 17 - Jan. 25)

    Open – Spring SemesterMon, January 25, 202110:00 amResidence halls re-open for all students following the intersession break.  Meals begin with brunch, starting at 10 am.  Classes begin Tuesday, January 26, 2021.
    Spring Break  Due to the calendar change related to Covid-19, there will be NO SPRING BREAK this semester.
    Buildings Close –
    End of Year
    Friday, May 14, 20216:00 pm

    Residence halls close at 6 pm.

    Lunch is the last meal for the semester on the meal plan, ending at 2 pm.

    Graduation Ceremony: May 16, 2021 (Tentative)

I am new to WCSU, and would like information about Housing

  • Am I eligible for housing?

    If you have been admitted to the university as a full-time, matriculated student, you are eligible for housing. If you are a current WCSU student, you need to maintain a 2.0 GPA and achieve 24 credit hours per year to remain eligible for housing.

  • How can I look for housing if I wan to live off-campus?

    The Housing & Residence Life department does not provide information on off-campus housing.  Those who wish to look for this kind of housing opportunity should look to local advertising for available off-campus rentals.

  • When should I apply for housing?

    As soon as you have been admitted to the University, you may apply for housing. Generally, we have a May 1 cut-off for guaranteed housing for the following Fall semester. This means those people who have been admitted, paid their housing deposit and admissions binder, and who have provided proof of meningitis vaccine by May1 will be guaranteed on-campus housing at WCSU.

  • What is the $250 Housing Deposit?

    A non-refundable deposit which secures your space in housing each year.  The deposit is applied toward the cost of your room. This deposit is NOT payable through your financial aid packages nor via the payment plans in which the University participates.

    • How often do I pay this?
      The $250, non-refundable deposit is required once for the year that you intend to live on campus. If you are looking to move to campus for the first time in the Spring semester, a deposit is due at that time, and then would be due again in March if you intend to continue to live on campus in the fall.
    • Is it refundable?
      This is a non-refundable deposit.
    • When is it due?
      The Housing Deposit is due in March (a specific date is determined each year) for students already living on campus who wish to return in the fall.  Students who will be new to campus (new students, transfer students) should pay a deposit by May 1st to guarantee a space for campus for the fall.
  • As a new student, can I pick my room?

    Generally, you may not. Your application will ask you about any building requests you may have, as well as asking you for personal interests and habits which will allow us to make appropriate assignments. This is also where you may request a specific roommate.  Please remember -- roommate requests must be mutual!  Your friend needs to request you, too.

  • Who chooses my roomate?

    You may always request a roommate, and we can almost always accommodate your requests for that roommate if the requests are mutual. If you don’t have a specific request, we do our best to place you with someone who shares your interests and habits. We do not and will not assign (or re-assign) roommates based on race, religion, sexual identity, or ethnicity.
    If you do have a roommate request:


    • both (all) roommates must request each other.
    • All roommates must have completed files (applications, paid deposits, and meningitis vaccine proof submitted to Health Services).
    • Requests must be submitted within 2 weeks of the other.
    • All requests must be received by the end of Orientation in order to be considered. Remember, the later the “mutual requests” come in, the more difficult it is for us to accommodate that request.
  • Is meal plan required?

    All students living in on-campus housing are required to have a meal plan.The  Ultimate Dining plan is the required default meal plan for all students living on Midtown, but these students may opt to select the Platinum or Platinum Plus plan at a reduced price.  Centennial  residents are required and assigned to the Platinum plan, but may opt to select the Ultimate Dining plan, which has a slightly higher cost.   Pinney Hall and Grasso Hall are required to purchase the Blue  meal plan, or may opt (for higher costs) to purchase the Blue Plus, Gold, Gold Plus,  Platinum, Platinum Plus or Ultimate Dining plans.

I’ll be moving in soon and want to know how to prepare.

  • When do I get to know my roomate and room assignment?

    Roommate assignment information is sent out in early July. You will have plenty of time to be in touch with your new roommates before school begins.

  • Can I smoke in my room?

    No. WCSU residence halls have been smoke-free since 2001, and State law now requires that all colleges and universities have smoke-free residence halls.

  • Room Assignment Changes

    Occasionally, new assignments may be made after you've already received your assignment information.  Whenever a change is made, the department will notify you of the change.  These notices generally go out within a week of the change.

    Other than these rare occasions, which are solely to meet the needs of the university and/or department, we will not make changes to assignments once they've been made.  Students who wish to change rooms or roommates may do so after the first two weeks of class, if space is available for the change to be made.  See your RD if you have questions when you get to campus.

  • What's the alcohol policy?

    If you’re not 21, you may not consume alcohol or be in a room in which it is present or being consumed. For a full explanation of the policy, please read the WCSU University Wide Alcohol Policy.  Underage students in the presence of alcohol, or those who provide alcohol to underage students, may be issued a citation by the WCSU Police under the auspices of State of Connecticut Public Act 06-112.  This citation carries a fine and the possible loss of driver's license for the student(s) charged.

  • Will I have a single, double, or triple room?

    The vast majority of students here are assigned to standard double rooms. We do, however, have a handful of rooms that are over-sized and designed to accommodate three students. The fee for these rooms is slightly less. These rooms are not double rooms that have been converted to triples to accommodate overcrowded conditions.

    Single rooms are scarce in most of our buildings. Singles other than those in  the Pinney 5-bed apartments) will be assigned for need as determined by the Department of Housing & Residence Life, in consultation with Health Services, the Counseling Center, AccessAbilities Services and/or your private physicians. If you believe you require such accommodations, please make touch with the appropriate office, and complete the Special Housing Accommodations form, located in the FORMS section of this website. General learning disabilities such as ADHD/ADD or issues like asthma are not generally considered as sufficient evidence of the need for a single room assignment.

  • What size are the mattresses?

    Mattresses are regular twin sized mattresses.

    What about a waterbed? 
    Waterbeds are not permitted.

    Can I bring my own bed and/or mattress?
    Fire code laws do not allow for students to supply their own mattresses or beds.

  • What furniture or services come with my room?

    Each room on campus comes with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe or closet. Rooms all have overhead lights. Basic cable TV service (no special channels) is provided in each room. Internet can also be accessed through each room on campus, through wired or wireless access.  All buildings have a wireless printer available to students as well.

  • What phone services are provided?

    Phone service is no longer provided in residence hall rooms at WCSU.  House phones and emergency phones are located throughout the building and campus.  Students are strongly encouraged to have a personal cell phone.

  • Can I switch rooms?

    Once assignment letters have been sent, no room changes will be made (other than for departmental needs) until after the second week of classes. If you believe you have a problem, do not wait to deal with it, but speak to your Resident Assistant or Resident Director immediately.

  • May I move in early?

    Early move-in is sometimes possible for students who:  are athletes on a recognized sports team, have an academic-based internship or class, live more than 5 hours from campus, are employed by a campus office, are an international student, or have a special AccessAbility request.  Forms are generally available on our website about 1 month before move-in, and must be approved by the HRL office before you may plan to move in.

  • Do the buildings have sprinkler systems?

    We fortunately have very good fire suppression and alarm systems throughout our campus. Each building is fully sprinkled, and has state of the art fire annunciation equipment. The Danbury Fire Department is contacted immediately when an alarm is sounded, regardless of reason.

  • I live in an apartment or suite. What do I need for cleaning supplies?

    Our apartment-style halls are designed to offer nearly independent living.  Therefore, students living in these buildings are required to care for (clean) their own apartments (including the bathrooms) following move-in.  Students should provide cleaning tools and supplies for their own apartments, such as vacuums, brooms, spray cleaners, etc. in order to keep them clean.

I live on campus now and need information

  • Can I paint my room?

    Rooms are painted by our facilities personnel. If you believe your room needs to be painted, please make a request through your building’s resident director to accomplish this. Maintenance will make a determination if the room is in need, and will schedule according to their work priorities.

  • Can I remove furniture from my room?

    Furniture that is provided in your room must stay in your room. The University does not have adequate storage to accommodate furniture removed from student rooms.

  • What if I need my bed bunked or de-bunked?

    University staff will not debunk or bunk beds in student rooms.  (* If medical need requires a change, the staff will attempt to make necessary changes as time permits).

  • What are the parking rules, and can I park on campus?

    For a complete guide to parking on campus, please see the Parking web page which details parking rules, regulations, maps and permits. Shuttle service provides transportation between the campuses because parking is limited on each campus.

  • How do I get something fixed that's broken or not working properly in my room?

    See your Resident Assistant or Information Desk to fill out a Maintenance Request Form.  These must be filled out and signed by you in order for maintenance to enter your rooms.  For issues involving heat or access/ locks, please see your RD or the RD on duty immediately.

  • How can guests visit me?

    Guest policies are explained in the Policies section of this website. Generally, you may have visitors over the age of 18 while the Information Desk is in operation. Guests are required to provide valid identification – Driver’s license, State-issued ID card, Military ID, or a Passport.

    Friends or family under 18 years of age must provide parental consent be allowed to visit in the halls.  Permission forms are available by clicking above, or in the FORMS section of this website, and must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the visit, or if a Saturday or Sunday visit, no later than noon on Friday.

    Please check with the Resident Assistants or Resident Director of your respective building for more detailed information on obtaining parental consent for guests who are minors.

  • When are the buildings closed, and what if I need to stay?
    The residence halls are closed:
    • Thanksgiving (Wednesday through Sunday).  Students who wish to may stay for no additional charge.  However,  any student wishing to stay must pre-register.
    • Following finals in December through the opening of the semester -- the Intersession.  There is an additional charge to stay on campus during this period.
    • The week of Spring Break.  Students who wish to may stay for no additional charge for Spring Break, but any student wishing to stay on-campus must pre-register.

    Not all buildings remain open for the Dec./Jan. Intersession Break.  However, there may be unassigned spaces available if you do not live in a building which remains open.  These spaces would be available to students who can not find anywhere else to live, but there is no guarantee that any space will be available.  Generally, students are required to receive permission from other students living in the halls that remain open during the breaks.

  • How can I use the shuttle services between campuses?

    Shuttles generally run every 15 minutes between the Midtown and Westside campuses during the week, from 7 am – 12:30 am, and on a more limited basis on the weekends. A full schedule is available from the Shuttle Bus website.

  • How do I get involved in my hall council?

    Show up and show interest! As a resident student, you are a member – you just need to get involved. And remember, your participation and leadership in these organizations will reward you with priority points in the CULTURE™ program.

  • How do I join clubs or organizations on campus?

    Check out the WCSU Clubs website and The Student Life/Student Activities office for more information about student clubs and organizations.

  • How can I apply for a job on campus?

    Take a walk to the Financial Aid & Student Employment office (first floor in Old Main). Even if you don’t get work study, the office has a list of departments and offices that need student workers. If you’re interested in working at your Information Desk in your hall, please see your RD or the Student Administrative Assistant.

  • Can I be an RA?

    If you are a sophomore with a 2.5 GPA and you want to have a very rewarding experience, consider applying to become a part of this great team of student leaders. More information regarding application availability and selection will be available periodically on this website on the Housing homepage, and on its STAFF and ANNOUNCEMENTS pages.

  • What is required to become an ARM?

    You must have a 3.2 GPA, Junior status, and a real desire to work with students. ARMs get a room, paycheck, and a lot of fun helping students focus on their academic success. Visit this website often for information about applications and the selection process.

  • How do I join the PASS program?

    If you have a 3.0 GPA , a desire to help your fellow students, and have a subject or two that you feel comfortable tutoring someone in, you can be a PASS member. Simply see your building’s ARM to sign up!

  • What should I do if I am sick and Health Services is closed?

    On a small campus such as ours, there are times when the Health Services Office is not staffed - primarily nights and weekends. During these times when Health Services is closed, students are encouraged to go to Danbury Hospital Emergency Room for treatment. There is also a list of urgent care facilities located on the Health Services web page.

  • I'm hungry! Where can I eat on campus?

    Student Restaurant [Student Center Cafeteria (1st Floor)]  Hours subject to change.
    Monday - Thursday                        7 am - 7 pm
    Friday                                             7 am - 6:30 pm
    Saturday                                        10 am - 6:30 pm
    Sunday                                          10 am - 8 pm

    Westside Market Place         Hours subject to change.
    Monday - Thursday                        7:45 am - 7 pm
    Friday                                             7:45 am - 6:30 pm
    Saturday & Sunday                        10 am - 6:30 pm