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Division of Student Affairs

Housing & Residence Life


In order to live on campus, every potential resident must complete and submit a Housing Application by the appropriate due date (May 1st is the last date to submit an application for guaranteed fall housing).  Applications will be accepted after that date, and acted upon as space is available. Please remember that although we do our best honor your requests, living habits,  and preferences for buildings and roommates,  we may not be able to accommodate them, and they are never guaranteed.

If a space becomes available in a room, suite, or apartment at any time, the Housing & Residence Life office retains the right to assign and refill that space.

In order to be released from the year-long housing contract, students must complete the Housing Contact Cancellation Request form.  This must be completed prior to the start of the semester for which the student is requesting to be released from the contract.

**Requesting a release from your contract in order to move off-campus is not generally considered a reason to be granted a release without substantial information and evidence of financial hardship.**

If you have a maintenance need, please fill out the form found by clicking the button above.  It will ask for a description of the maintenance need.  Please be as clear as possible (e.g., "The electrical outlet under the left bed as you enter the room has been making a constant buzzing sound, and is not working.")  Be sure to list 3 times that your room will be available for maintenance to come to assess/repair the issue without you or your roommates present (to prevent interactions and germ spreading).  Maintenance is available (except in emergency situations) between 7 AM and 3 PM, Monday - Friday.)

When you have completed the form, click the SUBMIT  button.  The form will be sent to the RD, who will forward the request to Maintenance, and  you'll receive a copy to the email that you entered..

Guests under the age of 18 may be permitted to spend the night with a sibling or friend by providing a completed parental permission form, which must be submitted to the Housing & Residence Life office no later than 24 hours before the overnight.

If you are providing permission for a child to visit for the weekend, please be sure that you have completed and submitted the form by noon on Friday.  Forms that come in after that time cannot be guaranteed to be delivered, and the guests will be refused at the Information Desks. 

If your student athlete is coming for a recruiting visit, DO NOT complete this form for the overnight stay.  Instead, speak to your coach about completing a Student Athlete Visit Permission Form.  

Students who require housing accommodations must fill out the application and present appropriate documentation.

For complete instructions on special housing accommodations, please see this Guidelines and Instructions form .

General Forms

The department collects a “Missing Persons Confidential Contact Form at check in from all residents.  If you wish to change your confidential contact, you must complete this form and bring it to the Housing & Residence Life offices in Newbury Hall.  Your old form will be removed from our files and shredded, and the new contact information will be updated as indicated on your form.

This book offers information about University regulations, students rights and judicial procedures. This is a must read for every student on campus.

The H&RL Guide covers a wide variety of topics that affect life on campus, ranging from residence hall staff and student leadership opportunities to roommate conflict resolution and visitation policies.

This form is currently inactive.

Generally, if you believe you need to return to campus earlier than your scheduled move-in time, you may request an early move-in. A form is provided when early arrivals are permitted.  When that is the case, complete the form (link to the instructions and form in the button above), and you will hear back via your WCSU email.

This form is currently inactive.

Students who currently live on campus and who are returning for the spring may opt to stay for Intersession.  Pinney and Centennial Halls will be the only halls open, and students are responsible to finding their own space to stay if they do not currently live in those halls.  There is no meal plan in effect, and limited food service is available during the break (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 2 pm in the Daily Grind, usually).

Room Selection Forms

These forms will only be active when the Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall room selection processes are in motion.

This form is inactive until Room Selection for Spring 2021.

Any student who wishes to change their Spring 2020 housing assignment must fill out this form and return it directly to the Housing Office no later than 4pm on October 31st.

Students who wish to remain in their current assignment for the Spring 2020 semester do not need to do anything to remain assigned.  Housing reserves the right to make changes to student assignments based on the needs of the department, including but not limited to consolidation and ADA assignment.

This form is inactive until Room Selection for Fall 2021.

All students who wish to live on campus for the Fall 2021 semester must complete this form, due to Housing & Residence Life no later than (date to be determined).  Whether you are a part of a full group, a partial group, or signing up as an individual student, this form must be completed and turned in before you can participate in selection.  This is a fillable form. By placing your cursor in the space, you can type your answers, and then print the form.

This form is inactive until Room Selection for Spring 2021.

In order to live in Pinney, students must be 21 years of age or have earned 57 credits.

For Grasso, the requirements are 20 years of age or 24 earned credits.

For Centennial, students must be 19 years of age or have earned 9 credits.

If you will be within 3 credits of those requirements, you may apply for a credit exception waiver, and must complete and attach this form with your Pre-Registration packet. This is a fillable form. By placing your cursor in the space, you can type your answers, and then print the form.

This form is inactive until Room Selection for Spring 2021.

Individuals or members of partial groups who are unable to attend their room selection appointment may give permission for another student to select a room for them for the fall by completing a Proxy Form, which the student making the selection must bring with them to the appointment. This is a fillable form. By placing your cursor in the space, you can type your answers, and then print the form.

Gender neutral housing will be offered in Pinney, Grasso and Centennial Halls.  Students interested in the Gender Neutral Housing Option must be able to fill an entire apartment (4 people in Grasso and Centennial, 5 people in Pinney).  All students must be eligible to participate in room selection (deposit paid on time, registered for 12+ credits for the next semester), and will participate in the regular room selection process as a full group.  A supplemental agreement for Gender Neutral Housing is required.

Honors housing is available in Pinney Hall to students admitted into the Honors Program at WCSU.  Students wishing to be assigned to the honors section should complete a regular housing contract/application, as well as the correct application available by pressing the title button above.