Mail Services

Certified and return receipt

Return Receipt

Signature slip

  • Follow the directions for the sender in the upper left hand corner (the box with items A-D in the upper right corner is for the recipient to complete.)
  • When providing your address on the reverse side of this card, be sure to include your departmental Zip+4.
  • DO NOT attach the card over (or in lieu of) the address on the front of the envelope; place the card to the left side of the address or preferably on the back of the envelope.

The postcard will be returned to you when the letter is signed for at delivery.

Certified Mail

Mail's Label

  • Fill in recipient’s name and address at the bottom of the form and write the date mailed in the “Postmark Here” area.
  • Peel the backing from the bar-coded label and place at the top of the envelope immediately to the right of the return address so the dotted line is even with the top of the envelope. Fold the upper green part of the label over the top of the envelope. DO NOT place the sticker to the far right or on the side of the envelope; sufficient space must be left for attaching postage.

Detach the certified mail receipt and keep for your records (you will need the number on the receipt if you wish to trace the letter.)