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Interoffice Mail

Interoffice Mail

This mail consists of loose or enveloped correspondence for delivery to an on-campus addressee. To ensure proper delivery, interoffice mail requires a full name and a complete campus address, including department name and building. Check the University telephone directory at if you are unsure of an on-campus address. Interoffice mail with no address will be returned to the sender. Please reuse interoffice envelopes until they no longer have space to be addressed. If you need  interoffice envelopes please request them for our shipping and receiving stores. If you have extras please do not hold on to them, send them back with your postman or give them to shipping and receiving so that they may be reused.


When addressing interoffice mail, please consider these suggestions:
Single sheet, non-confidential correspondence can be addressed directly on the sheet and mailed without an interoffice envelope. For multiple sheet or confidential correspondence, we recommend that you use interoffice envelopes. Use of these envelopes allows faster processing and minimizes the potential for misdirection. Plain envelopes or stationary may be used if they are clearly marked “interoffice mail” in the area designated for postage.

Change of Campus Address

If your campus address changes, please notify mail services as soon as you learn of your new location. Also, please notify off campus correspondents of your change of address.