Mail Services

Plan a mailing

Planning a mailing

If your large mailing is being produced without the assistance of Publications and Design Services, please include a Mail Services representative in the planning stages of your project. This person can help ensure that your mailing meets paper, design and size requirements for USPS automation. The more we know about your needs and concerns, the better we can fulfill them.


Automaticsealing of standard-size gummed envelopes is provided. For 10 or more envelopes requiring sealing, leave the flaps open, nest into each other and then secure the contents of the envelopes with an elastic band.

Direct Ink-Jet Impressions

Mail Services can coordinate the printing of your addresses directly on the mail piece, thereby eliminating the cost and appearance of labels for mailings greater than 200 pieces. Mail Services will prepare and presort all mailings using a USPS-certified software method. Presorted mail requires less handling and results in less cost. Call Mail Services for more information on presort software and the various options available for zip verification. Please call Mail Services at 7-8274 for instructions.

Final Mail Preparation

Mail Services will bundle, tray, bag, tie, sleeve, strap and deliver your mailing to the U.S. Post Office according to USPS requirements, and will complete all necessary documentation.


Postage costs are billed to some user departments on a monthly basis, and the funds are automatically transferred through the accounting system.


Mail Services operates on a  five-day processing schedule for machine and hand-sorted mailings. At least 72 hours ADVANCE NOTICE is needed to effectively handle and process large or specialized mailings.

Mailing List Assistance

Mail Services will process address lists transferred electronically. The list should be sent to requestmailroom in Excel format with fields separate for each component of the official USPS address. Call or email Mail Services for formatting instructions.

Address lists that are processed through certified software systems have addresses standardized, carrier route and zip + 4 codes attached and are sorted to receive all USPS presort and barcode discounts.

TIP: An outdated address list is costly and inefficient. The preparation and updating of address lists for distribution is the responsibility of the mailer

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