WESTCONNect Card Replacement Form

WESTCONNect Card Replacement Form

WESTCONNect Card Replacement Form

There is a $15 charge to replace your university identification card. Once the card is replaced, the replacement fee is not refundable and any previous cards, if found, cannot be reactivated. The fee is charged to your university account, and is payable on-line or at the Cashier’s Office. This new card replaces any cards that are lost or stolen and cards that have been damaged from improper care.

Please refer to the website at opens in a new windowhttps://wcsu.edu/westconnect for all WestConnect Card policies.
Reason(s) for submitting this form:

If you are submitting for one of the following reasons
  • Card Not Working - bring card to office for evaluation
  • New Student, no previous card issued - submit your photo and instructions on obtaining the card will be provided

Personal Information

Photo Submission

You can submit a photo using the photo submission website at: opens in a new windowWESTCONNect WebCard Center. If you do not upload an updated photo, the card will be printed with the current photo.

Receiving Your New ID Card

A replacement fee charge will be added to student accounts when the card is printed.

Responsibility Statement

I understand that fraudulent use, possession, or complicity in the use of a lost or stolen identification card is punishable by administrative sanctions and/or criminal prosecution under the Connecticut Penal Code. If an identification card is found, I am to return it to the University Police Department. The Connecticut state law provides that persons making false reports to law enforcement officials may be punished by imprisonment for no more than one year, or a fine of $1,000 or both. Any enforcement action taken by the University Police Department based on information on this report will be at the discretion of the university.

With my signature, I certify that the above information is correct and acknowledge that I am responsible for abiding by the WCSU WESTCONNect Office policies related to use of the card.  

I understand that my university account will be charged $15.00 for the replacement of a university identification card.
Once the replacement card form is submitted, that replacement fee is not refundable and your missing id card, if found, cannot be reactivated.