Frequently Asked Questions

The WESTCONNect Office has multiple programs developed to provide you with access to a world of services.  Please check out the below groups of FAQ’s to get your questions answered.  If not, swing by and see us-We’re happy to help!

Meal Plan FAQ

Do I have a meal plan already on my card?

If you live on campus here at WCSU, then YES, you have a meal plan.  The meal plan is set up for you before you move on campus.

Can I see what’s on my plan or where I’ve used it?

You sure can! Use the WESTCONNect WebCard Center to view your meal plan information, check your balance of meal swipes and flex points, and see where you’ve used your plan!

What if I don’t live on campus but want to buy a meal plan?

First, check out the three meal plan options.  Once you’ve made your choice, bring the correct payment to the Cashier’s Office located on the main level of the Old Main Administrative Building.

What if my meal plan isn’t working?

If you have a meal plan that isn’t working, let Food Service know.  They will coordinate with our office to resolve the problem for you.

I want to change my meal plan.  How do I do that?

If you are a resident you can upgrade from your required meal plan to a larger package.  You cannot reduce your required meal plan.  To upgrade your meal plan, go to the Housing Office and make your request.

I tried to use my flex points at the bookstore and it didn’t work.  Why not?

Every meal plan has a certain number of ‘flex points’ that can be used at Food Service’s ala carte locations, including places like the Midtown Food Court, Westside Athletic Stadium, and the Warner Coffee Cart.  You cannot use your meal money to make purchases at non-food service locations. If you are interested in having money on your card for the Bookstore, laundry, vending, or other non-foodservice locations, you need to put CONNect Cash on your card.

CONNect Cash FAQ

How do I put CONNect Cash Money on my card?

Check out the CONNect Cash page that explains step by step how to access the WESTCONNect Card Dashboard, view your balance, check where you’ve spent your CONNect Cash, and put money on your card on-line.  You can also make deposits at the Cashier’s Office using this form.opens PDF file

Please note, you must be set up on the university EZPay system in order to make on-line deposits.

I put money on my card and when my card is swiped, the balance is wrong!

Don’t panic!  If you have a meal plan with a flex point balance, your flex point balance is the only thing you will see at Food Service locations until it is completely used.  Once you have used up your flex points, you will see your CONNect Cash balance start to show up.

Keep in mind your CONNect Cash balance will show up immediately at laundry, bookstore, and vending locations.

Can I see where I spend my money or find out my balance?

Check your CONNect Cash account activity or balance by following the directions under card account services or stop in to the WESTCONNect Office and we will be happy to review your plan activity.

My account was charged incorrectly.  What do I do?

If you believe you were charged incorrectly at either the Bookstore or any Food Service location (these are called attended locations), you must return to the location to place your claim. If your card is charged at non-attended locations like laundry machines or vending machines, you must fill out a Transaction Error Form and return it to the WESTCONNect Office.

Please note, the WESTCONNect Office does not reimburse for cash transactions at these locations.  Please report cash matters to the Cashier’s Office.

Can I withdraw money from my CONNect Cash Account like I do from my bank account?

The CONNect Cash account is not a bank account and you are therefore unable to draw funds off your CONNect Cash balance.

The only way for active members of the WCSU community to obtain money from their CONNect Cash account is to request to close the CONNect Cash account.  You will be charged a $15 administrative fee and it will take approximately two weeks for the Cashier’s office to release the balance of funds due, after any outstanding debt to the University has been paid.

Does my CONNect Cash roll over from semester to semester?

Yes!  Your CONNect Cash rolls from semester to semester as long as you’re registered.  The WESTCONNect office runs reports at the start of each semester to catch those who have graduated or separated from the university the previous semester.  We will submit any CONNect Cash balance greater than $4.99 to the Cashier’s office for reimbursement, assuming no outstanding debt to the University.  Any balances of $4.99 or less are retained by the university for administrative fees.

If you would like to the know the status of your reimbursement, contact the WESTCONNect Officecreate new email

Access FAQ

I can’t get into my Room/Residence Hall with my card!

The first thing you should do is check with your Resident Director.  If you don’t know who your resident director is, look up your residence hall on this page.  If your Resident Director is unable to help you, you will be directed to the WESTCONNect Office for a replacement ID.

My instructor told me my card should work at a designated lab/room/facility and it doesn’t.

Confirm with your instructor that he or she has submitted an access request for you.  Then feel free to stop in the WESTCONNect Office and we will check your card and clearances.

What is my DOOR PIN and how do I set it?

Your DOOR PIN is  4-digit number you use with your ID card to access designated areas on campus, such as the 24-hour computer labs.

If you don’t remember your PIN or haven’t set it, you may do so via the WESTCONNect Web Card Center.

What computer labs are on campus?

Please follow the below link for a list of current labs.  Access to identified 24-hour labs is granted to all currently registered students using their WESTCONNect card and 4-digit PIN.

Computer Facilities – Information Technology & Innovation (wcsu.edu)

I work for the university and have been issued keys.  Where do I pick them up and when do I return them?

If your department has requested keys for you, we will ask them to notify you when they are ready.  You should then bring your WESTCONNect Card with you to the WESTCONNect Office to sign for your keys.
Students are required to return issued keys at the end of the semester in which they are issued.

ConnectPrint FAQ

How do I print on campus?

You can print on campus using CONNect Cash. To deposit funds on your card, log in to GET – Login – Western Connecticut State University (cbord.com).