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It takes a great number of talented individuals to run WCSU's housing operation!

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Department of Housing & Residence Life

Phone: (203) 837-8531 

Fax:      (203) 837-8529

Ron Mason

Director of Housing and Residence Life
Ron Mason (

Maribeth Griffin

Director of Residential Programs & Staff
Maribeth Griffin (


Ed Mulvihill
Associate Director of Housing & Residence Life
for Operations

Edward P. Mulvihill (
Effie Masse
Effie Masse (

Student Office Assistants
Student Office Assistants help in completing a wide variety of tasks such as the assistance in the operation of the Housing Office. They answer telephones, respond to e-mails, answer student and parental questions regarding housing, and assist the Housing Office Staff as needed. They are integral team members on our Housing and Residence Life team.

Assistants to the Director of Housing and Residence Life/ Resident Directors

FairfieldEach building has one full-time professional Resident Director (RD) who is responsible for the daily operation of the building, providing not only supervision to the building's staff, but also educational, social and personal guidance for the residents who live there. They advise residence hall groups, monitor maintenance requests and promote an atmosphere that is proactive, developed and executed through the CULTURE™ model. RDs split their time between the Housing Office and their individual buildings.

If you need to see an RD for any reason feel free to visit during their office hours, send them an e-mail or leave a voicemail. They will get back to you as soon as possible!

Typically, RDs have office hours from 10am-4pm either in the Housing Office or in their Residence Hall Offices. This is subject to change due to scheduled meetings and other housing related commitments, so please call ahead to confirm their location when you plan to stop by. With all of their obligations, they may not be where you expect them to be. You can contact the Housing Office for information about an RD's office hours.


Shealah BethkeFairfield Hall - Shealah Bethke
Tel: 203.837.8537 


Fairfield Hall - Information Desk
Tel: 203.837.9236



Fairfield Hall RA/ARM Staff

Kelsey Munoz RA Rm. 111 Joseph Stoudmire RA Rm. 211
David Velez RA Rm. 310 Heather Wyble RA Rm. 223
Jacqueline Peskett RA Rm. 217 Matt Rowley SCA Rm. 117


Shona CooperLitchfield Hall - Shona Cooper
Tel: 203.837.9060


Litchfield Hall - Information Desk

Tel: 203.837.9733



Litchfield Hall RA/ARM Staff

Paige Goldstein RA Rm. 118 Sam Strizver RA Rm. 208 
Alexis Johnson RA Rm. 242  Jose Lebron RA Rm. 256 
Karina Escobar RA Rm. 227 Patrick Fallon RA Rm. 308
Kathryn Shaw RA Rm. 342 Sharif Ahmed RA Rm. 360
      Colleen Mair ARM Rm. 337


Shealah BethkeNewbury Hall - Shealah Bethke
Tel. 203.837.8534 


Newbury Hall - Information Desk

Tel: 203.837.9237


Newbury Hall RA/ARM Staff

Luis Anthony RA Rm. 209     Rm. 221
Gabrielle Attolino RA Rm. 309 Luisa Encarnacion RA Rm. 321
Shannon Hale RA Rm. 409 Jenna Zavalko RA Rm. 421
Robert Zoccano RA Rm. 509   Albert Yaldeh RA Rm. 521
      Jamie Maitland ARM Rm.301




Jill BrooksCentennial Hall - Jill Brooks
Tel: 203.837.8850 


Centennial Hall - Information Desk




Centennial Hall RA/ARM Staff

James Collins RA Rm. W101A Lyndsey Rizk RA Rm. E211A
Nicole Mair RA Rm. E311A Victoria Bogen RA Rm. E411A
Isaiah Thergood RA Rm. N210A Nicole Root RA Rm. N301A
Melissa O'Donnell RA Rm. N401A Marleny Guzman RA Rm. E111A
Allie Debruyn RA Rm. W306A Andrew Gusciora RA Rm. W406A
Kenny Ward ARM Rm. N102A Jeff Field ARM Rm. W206A


Melissa SandersGrasso Hall - Melissa Sanders
Tel: 203.837.8548 


Grasso Hall - Information Desk




Grasso Hall RA/ARM Staff

Daniella Coppola RA Rm. 117A Samantha Martin RA Rm. 412A
Ross Ward RA Rm. 204A Clarissa Rios RA Rm. 320A
Ashley Busse RA Rm. 309A Paul Lionetti RA Rm.403A
Vannissa Lewis RA Rm. 212A Kyle Venditti ARM Rm. 216A
      Raven Jones SCA  


Melissa SandersPinney Hall -  Melissa Sanders
Tel: 203.837.8535   


Pinney Hall - Information Desk

Tel: 203.837.8655



Pinney Hall RA/ARM Staff

 Meagan Perez  RA Rm. C66B Jalyn Walton RA Rm. B61B
Jonathan Acevedo RA Rm. D32B Shaquille Pigatt RA Rm. A33B
Yordalys Dilone RA Rm. C23B Alex Kerpen RA Rm. A54B
Breanna Banks RA Rm. D52B Lauren Muller RA Rm.C16B
Israel Kabemba RA Rm. B42B Sophia Cannavo RA Rm. C43B
  Alex Saraceno ARM Rm. C52B Saraphina Mwangi ARM Rm. C31B

2014-15 Housing & Residence Life staff

Office of Housing & Residence Life - Student Leadership Resident Assistants (R.A.)

Resident Assistants at WCSU are trained in helping skills and interpersonal relations. They serve as facilitators for the floor councils of each residence hall. They are also in charge of conducting floor/section meetings in addition to meeting with residents as needed on a one to one basis. The meetings could be related to academic, social, or personal progress as related to college. As always, RA's will be available to assist residents with maintenance issues, to act as sounding boards during roommate issues, and to be a general resource to residents regarding the University community, policy and procedures.


Academic Resource Mentor photo

Academic Resource Mentors (A.R.M)

Academic resource mentors are student peers who play an integral role in the establishment of an academic environment in the residence halls. They are an essential component of the CULTURE program for the Department of Housing and Residence Life. In addition to providing programming in the residence halls, ARM's are available to residents as an academic resource, assisting them in obtaining information, and providing resources about majors and academic programs at the University. The ARM's also guide residents through any issues they may have academically, providing them with a wealth of information on study skills or people that can help them. Finally, the ARM's also work with Peer Academic Support System members to make sure the residents get the help that they need to succeed at WestConn.


Student Administrative Assistant (S.A.A.)

The Student Administrative Assistant is involved in wide array of activities in the residence halls. There is one S.A.A. per residence hall, and they are responsible for recruiting desk staff, training, supervising, and conducting desk meetings, creating, and editing schedules, working at the desk when necessary, and assisting the Resident Director of their building in a variety of office related tasks and assignments. Some of these tasks include following up with residents on maintenance issues and entering priority points into the central database.


Information Desk Personnel

Information desk personnel are an integral part of each residence hall. Workers are responsible for monitoring residents entering and exiting the buildings. They also sign all guests into the building and answer the many day to day questions that residents may have. Desk staff workers are supervised by the Student Administrative Assistant and the Resident Director of their residence hall.

Custodial and Maintenance Staff Custodians

Each building has a hard-working custodial staff that cleans the bathrooms, lounges and other public areas of the buildings. They work Monday to Friday from 7am-3pm and on Saturdays a custodian replenishes bathroom paper supplies. The custodians do not clean resident rooms, pick up garbage bags left outside doors or store any furniture. Custodians report to the Supervising Custodian.


Maintainers are responsible for minor repairs in the residence halls. The maintainers are busy people, charged with caring for all resident rooms, as well as public bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, and all the furnishings contained in the above mentioned areas. Please have patience when submitting Maintenance Request Forms and know that your issue will be handled in a timely fashion. 


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