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Updated April 9, 2021

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FAQs - Covid testing on Campus

Your test results from your on-campus testing are sent to Health Services.  There is no need for you to forward your results if you have been tested on campus.



As testing for Covid-19 continues, Western Connecticut State University wants to answer all your questions. Please share the FAQs below with fellow students and family. If you have a question not on the list, please send an email to pr@wcsu.edu and we will answer you promptly.

Do all students have to get tested?
The Connecticut Department of Public Health and the CSCU Board of Regents required a weekly test for every student who has an on-campus presence. Students who are fully online and do not go to campus do not have to get tested.

Do I have to get tested on the same day every week?
No, you can be tested any day that our testing partner, Sema4, is on campus. Just be sure to test weekly.

I am in quarantine and won’t be able to get tested this week. What do I do?
If you are in quarantine, you should not get tested. Once you finish your 10-day quarantine, you can resume the testing process.

I am in isolation. Should I try to get tested?
If you are in isolation, you must stay in your designated area until your infectious period is over. Refer to the answer below for information on how to obtain a waiver from testing for 90 days.

I recently tested positive, but my doctor said I can come to campus as of this date. What should I do regarding testing?
Per guidelines issued by the federal Centers for Disease Control, you should avoid testing for approximately 90 days after a diagnosis because you will likely continue to test positive. Please submit your positive test result to healthservices@wcsu.edu so that your testing requirement can be waived.  Contact WCSU Health Services at (203) 837-8594 if you have any questions.

I work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and only have evening classes. How do I get a test?
If you are experiencing scheduling conflicts, please call the Director of Emergency Management, at (203)-837-9352.

I have received both doses of the vaccine. Do I still need to get tested?
Yes. Following the recommendation from the Connecticut Department of Health, you should continue to be tested after receiving the vaccines. It is currently unclear if the vaccine prevents asymptomatic spread to unvaccinated individuals. When more is known about how the virus responds to the vaccine and as more people are vaccinated, this recommendation may change. We will inform the campus community at that time.

I am getting tested for Covid-19 at work twice a week. Do I still need to get tested at WCSU?
Yes. To continue participating in all campus activities, we require you also to be tested on campus.

I tested positive. May I take another test and see if it is negative?
No. If you test positive, you will be required to isolate. The university will give you instructions.

I could not get an appointment slot but I should get tested this week. May I just show up?
Sema4 has set aside slots for walk-ins so if you need to get tested, visit the testing site and sign in. In the future, continue to make every effort to sign up ahead of time to prevent a backlog.

I don’t have an ID.
If you don’t have an ID or lost it, contact the WestConnect Office to get one. You can obtain a test if you present your Banner ID number, but you will also be required to show a photo ID to confirm your identity.

Here is the link to the Sema4 frequently asked questions about the testing itself: https://www.wcsu.edu/reopen/wp-content/uploads/sites/213/2021/01/COVID-Outbreak-One-Pager-1-5.pdf


Please read through the information on Living on Campus During Covid-19, which has slightly changed for the spring.



Our offices

Our HRL offices are located in  Pinney Hall, where we’ll be found in apartments C21 and C24.

If you have housing questions, you may call 203-837-8533 (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm) or email us at housing@wcsu.edu.

Currently, the university is open, but offices are operating, in most cases, with reduced staffing as staff telecommute. If you need to see us, please call 203-837-8533 or email housing@wcsu.edu to schedule a virtual appointment. Questions and business may still be conducted through phone and email.


HBO Max Logo

You now have access to HBO Max, included with your on-campus housing! HBO Max is all of HBO, together with a collection of classic TV favorites, even more great movies, and new Max Originals.  It’s all waiting for you. Download the HBO Max app and start streaming today!

Ways to get HBO Max

Download the HBO Max app through the following app stores:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Samsung TV
  • Web Browser:  hbomax.com

How to Log In

  • Go to the app or hbomax.com
  • Click ‘Sign In’
  • Go to ‘View All Providers’ and Select your College/University
  • Sign In using your school credentials

Television on campus – Important information

For a new list of the updated cable channels, please click on this link.

Your digital television must have a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to work with the school’s cable service. The QAM tuner allows your TV to receive high definition cable programming without a cable set top box. Unfortunately, some less expensive TVs come with a low quality QAM tuner that may not be able to pick up all the digital channels. You should verify the specifications when you purchase your TV.

A NTSC (National Television System Committee) tuner is not compatible. This TV will require a digital-to-analog converter box to view television signals. (See information below to purchase a converter).

An ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner can receive digital signals but is not compatible with the school’s cable system.

Insurance Information

Take a look at this video for why it’s important for you to be covered by insurance for your belongings:

Centennial Hall Events

Centennial Hall Works Out – Friday, April 9.  Join RA Jacob in the PH Fitness Center (by appointment) to exercise together.  Contact Jacob for the scheduled time, determined by your schedules.

Get Fit! – Saturday, April 10 @ 2 pm.  Check out this program to get your body moving and staying fit and warm, even on those chilly spring days.  Kanalla can tell you all about it.

Manage Your Time – Tuesday, April 13 @ 10 am via Webex.  Sara has loads to share with you about how to manage your time better!  Check this out.

Power Through Finals – Monday, May 3 – Sara and Erin will have plenty of tips and strategies for successful finals in the Basement Multipurpose Room.

Finals Study Hall – Thursday, May 6 – ARM Caitlyn has plenty of support to give as you study for your finals.  See her for the time and other information.

Pot Party – Saturday, April 24 @ 8 pm in the Basement Multipurpose Room.  Come decorate your own pot and plant  a seedling. Erin has the information you’ll want.

Get Up, Get Moving! – Friday, April 30 @ 1 pm on University Boulevard.  See Brigid, who has the details you’ll need.

Fairfield Hall Events

Fairfield Hall is closed for the 2020-21 year.

Grasso Hall Events

Pizza Party – Friday, April 9 @ 8:30 pm in the Lounge.  Check out this free pizza (and a few other snack items) with your fellow residents.  Malanie has the info you want for this one.

How to Email Your Professors – Tuesday, April 13 @ 11 am.  Tamia has the info you want.

Paint & Plant – Wednesday, April 14 @ 8 pm in the Lounge.  RA Dianna will provide the plants and pot – all you need to do is plant it.  She’s got the info for you.

Mario Kart – Friday, April 16 @ 8 pm in the Lounge.  Stop in for a single elimination Mario Kart competition.  Sean has the details.

Can You Hang? – Wednesday, April 21 @ 4:30 pm on the Field near the Commuter Lot.  Purvi can tell you all about it.

Picnic Date – Thursday, April 29 @ 12 pm near the basketball courts. Dianna has the details you need for this program to get a little food and fun.

Resident Check-in Day – Monday, May 3 – Grace will be checking in with residents all day long.  Stop by to chat!

Scavenger Hunt – Starts Monday, May 3 and continues all week.  See Dianna for details.

Roommate Puzzle Competition – Wednesday, May 5 @ 7:30 in the Lounge.  Grace can fill you in, and tell you about the prizes.

Hiking – Friday, May 7 @ 2 pm – Tarrywile Park.  Ask Purvi for information about where and when to meet.

Taking a Break from Studying – Friday, May 7 at 1 pm at the Info Desk.  Sean will have all you need to have a good study break!

Litchfield Hall Events

LH Talent Show – Friday, April 16 @ 7 pm. Shivam, Tony, and Pete can give you all the information about the show – done in the Game Lounge and via Webex.

Litchfield Prom: Under the Stars – Friday, April 16 @ 8 pm in the Lobby, Study Hallway, and Courtyard.  Peter and Soni are the RAs you’ll want to talk to about this one.

Puzzle Night – Wednesday, April 21 @ 6:30 pm in the Lobby.  Tony has the details you need.

Newbury Hall Events

Newbury Hall Game Night – Sunday, April 11 @ 8 pm in the Main Lounge.  Join in for billiards, ping-pong, and Super Smash Brothers Tournaments.  RD Dre has details if you’re interested.

Pinney Hall Events

Planting Party – Saturday, April 17 @ 3 pm.  Stop by with Makenzie to decorate your own pot and plant your spring plant.


IRHA Events

IRHA meets every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm via WebEx.

Access the meetings here:


Elsewhere on Campus

Check out the WOW:  https://www.wcsu.edu/wow/

and the WOW Weekender:  https://www.wcsu.edu/wow/weekender/