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Updated November 19, 2020

Coming Events

Look here for events happening in the residence halls.

Semester Closing Information

The residence halls have been scheduled this year to close for the semester at the Thanksgiving holiday break. 

Students should make arrangements to leave before 6 pm on Tuesday, November 24th.  

The halls will remain closed after Thanksgiving until school begins again in late January.

If you are leaving on-campus housing completely or moving to a new room  - either within your building or into another building - you MUST take home all of your belongings when you leave for Thanksgiving.

If you intend to remain in the same room, you DO NOT have to remove all of your belongings.  We do suggest that you take home anything that is of value to you (jewelry, computer equipment, game systems), and anything that you might need during the break (laptops, medications, licenses/IDs, notebooks, etc.).  As we found in the fall when our opening was delayed, you may need to think about things you'll need to begin the semester if we should happen to be delayed in our opening once again.

Students who are housing insecure may wish to speak to the director of housing & residence life about their situation.  Please call the office at 203-837-8533 for an appointment.


Please see this information from the Board of Regents regarding housing fees and refunds:

Here are some excerpts from a statement from the CSCU CFO, Ben Barnes, on the current housing charges for Fall semester, 2020.

...The approach described here is based on official Board of Regents policies and, in some cases, practices or procedures that have been agreed to by the Presidents and leadership of each university and the CSCU system.

...In 2020, because of COVID and the uncertainty surrounding public health measures and which courses would be delivered on-line or in-person, some of these decisions came later than normal.  In response, the universities extended the time for cancelling housing contracts without penalty for an additional month.  (see Board action here.)

Some students have asked if the universities will adjust the housing fees because the calendar calls for closing the residence halls at Thanksgiving and converting to all on-line instruction for the final weeks of the semester.  The universities, with the concurrence of the Board of Regents, will not reduce housing and meal plan fees because of the calendar this year...

More importantly, in the interest of providing a safe on-campus experience for our students the Universities have had to commit significant additional money.  These costs include cleaning, testing, quarantining, contact tracing, technology, and many other categories.  While some of those costs will be supported with funding from the federal government, some or most will not.

Nevertheless, the Board of Regents and the universities are determined to treat our students fairly, and with compassion for the difficulties we all face this year.  If the universities have to close the residence halls unexpectedly because of public health requirements, we will compensate the students who are impacted by the closure based on the length of the closure compared to the calendar in effect when the semester began...We will do it again if necessary.

In addition, the Board of Regents policy on housing refunds (see here) includes an appeal process that students may use to seek a refund in the event of unusual circumstances.


There is a variety of information available about Covid-19 and WCSU's planned responses.  You can begin your search for information on the University's COVID-19 Reopening page.

For information more specific to the residence halls, please see the Living On Campus During Covid-19 page.

COVID-19 Testing

Required Weekly Random Testing

A randomly identified set of resident students and resident staff will be scheduled for Covid-19  testing each week throughout the semester.  If you are identified on the random list, you MUST comply with the testing.  You will be notified by email on Monday if you are selected for testing for the week.

Testing will take place (at no charge to you) in the O'Neill Center on the Westside Campus on Tuesdays from 1 - 5 pm or Wednesdays from 1 - 5 pm.  You may not opt to be tested at another facility.

Failure to complete your required testing will result in a written warning for the first refusal.  A second refusal for completing the Covid-19 testing will result in a judicial referral and possible separation from housing.

Health Services will notify you of your test results if positive.  If you do not hear from them, your tests were negative.  .

If you were tested on campus by Griffin Health, you may be able to retrieve your results from their Patient Portal.  If you need assistance, you may call Griffin Health at (203) 735-4372, Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.

Our offices

Our HRL offices are located in  Pinney Hall, where we’ll be found in apartments C21 and C24.

If you have housing questions, you may call 203-837-8533 (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm) or email us at housing@wcsu.edu.

Currently, the university is open, but offices are operating, in most cases, with reduced staffing as staff telecommute. If you need to see us, please call 203-837-8533 or email housing@wcsu.edu to schedule a virtual appointment. Questions and business may still be conducted through phone and email.


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Television on campus – Important information

For a new list of the updated cable channels, please click on this link.

Your digital television must have a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to work with the school’s cable service. The QAM tuner allows your TV to receive high definition cable programming without a cable set top box. Unfortunately, some less expensive TVs come with a low quality QAM tuner that may not be able to pick up all the digital channels. You should verify the specifications when you purchase your TV.

A NTSC (National Television System Committee) tuner is not compatible. This TV will require a digital-to-analog converter box to view television signals. (See information below to purchase a converter).

An ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner can receive digital signals but is not compatible with the school’s cable system.

Insurance Information

Take a look at this video for why it’s important for you to be covered by insurance for your belongings:

Centennial Hall Events

Adult Coloring – Thursday, November 19 @ 6:30 pm in the Basement Multipurpose Room.  Ask Caitlyn about it!

Shh – First Floor Only– Friday, November 20 @ 7 pm in the Basement Multipurpose Room.  Jomila has the info you need.

Section Social (Jaclyn’s ) – Friday, November 20 @ 7 pm in the 2nd floor lounge.  See Jaclyn for info.

Election Debrief – Wednesday, December 2 @ 6 pm.  Jacob will give you the details (still doing programs when you’re at home!!)

Fairfield Hall Events

Fairfield Hall is closed for the 2020-21 year.

Grasso Hall Events

Stay tuned – there may be a few more coming your way virtually for the next few weeks!



Litchfield Hall Events

Registration Afterparty – Thursday, November 19 @ 10:30 pm in the Main Lobby.  See Peter or Shivam for information.

Don’t Forget to Eat – Friday, November 20 @ 8:30 pm in the Main Lounge.

Last Weekend TV Binge– Saturday, November 21 @ 7 pm in the Main Lounge.  Drew can tell you all about it.

Newbury Hall Events

Fuel Up for Finals – Thursday, November 19 @ 3 pm in the Lobby  – see Sam for details

Newbury Hall Pool Tournament – Friday, November 20 @ 6 pm in the Main Lounge.  Jordan can give you the info.

Thankful Thoughts – Friday, November 20 @ 2 pm in the Lobby.  See Destiny for questions.

Pinney Hall Events

Do You Remember? – Friday, November 20 @ 7 pm in the Study Lounge or via Zoom.  Gabby can fill you in on how to connect.

Coping With Covid – Saturday, November 21 @ 6 pm via Webex.  See Sar’Ja for information on how to join.

Office Hour Survival Guide – Monday, November 23.  Ask Audrey for details on how to connect for the program, and get great tips for making the best use of your professor’s office hours.

Get Your Money’s Worth Challenge – November 30 – Dec. 15.  Once again, Audrey has the info on how YOU can take a challenge to use campus resources – and win a little cash at the same time.

IRHA Events

IRHA meets every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm via WebEx.

Access the meetings here:


Elsewhere on Campus

Check out the WOW:  https://www.wcsu.edu/wow/

and the WOW Weekender:  https://www.wcsu.edu/wow/weekender/