Student Affairs : Student Leadership Recognition Banquet

Outstanding Advisor

Awarded to the Advisor that best promotes the growth potential of student organizations, assists with their maintenance, and stimulates the development of programs that not only enrich the campus but also aid the development of students.

Awarded by Student Life/Student Activities

Year Recipient
2007-08 Carmen Goldman
2008-09 Daryle Dennis
2009-10 Dr. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox
2010-11 Thomas Zarecki
2011-12 Dr. Bethany Morrison
2012-13 Dr. Becky Hall
2013-14 Dr. Nicholas J. Greco
2014-15 (tie) Deborah Bisaccia
2014-15 (tie) Daryle Dennis
2015-16 Pano Koukopoulos
2016-17 Terrence Dwyer