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Voting Information

Students attending WCSU and living in the residence halls or off campus are allowed to register to vote in Connecticut even if their home address is in another state. The pre-election deadline differs from state to state and Connecticut’s deadline is one week before the general election. However, it is possible to register on the day of the election.

Election Day Same-Day Voter Registration: Click on the link here to find out how to register the same day. 


Map of Westside campus and Westside Middle School

For students living on the Westside campus in Pinney Hall, Grasso Hall, or Centennial Hall, the voter registration street address is University Boulevard. If you live here, your voting location is the Westside Middle School on School Street.















Map of Midtown campus and War Memorial in Rogers park

For students living on the Midtown campus in Litchfield Hall, Newbury Hall, or Fairfield Hall, the voter registration street address is 181 White Street. If you live here, your voting location is the War Memorial on Memorial Drive inside Rogers Park.


























For students living in the Chestnut Street Town Homes, your voting location is Shelter Rock Elementary School.

Map of Midtown Campus and Shelter Rock Gym


For students living at any other street address or in any other town in Connecticut or other states, please check your registration status and voting location here and make arrangements to get to there between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. (for Connecticut).

To help speed up the lines, preview your ballot online before you get there so you can quickly mark your choices correctly and leave.


Disclaimer: This page is meant to be helpful and provide information as we understand it. Please verify your voter registration and location online before heading to the polls.