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The Fernando & Alice Fernandes Award

Awarded to a member of the classified staff who has made significant contribution to student life.

Awarded by the Student Government Association

Year Recipient
2005-06 Officer Edward Stephens
2006-07 Officer Edward Stephens
2007-08 Environmental & Facilities Services/Building Services
2008-09 (tie) Kim Spinelli
2008-09 (tie) WCSU Police Department
2009-10 (tie) Richard Montefusco
2009-10 (tie) Sunilda Gomez
2010-11 Michele Hossan
2011-12 Officer Arthur Shannonhouse
2012-13 Sean M. Forschner
2013-14 Bianca Paolello
2014-15 Sunilda Gomez
2015-16 Maria Guridy
2016-17 Cathy Kost
2017-18 (tie) Cathy Kost
2017-18 (tie) Evan Wagman
2018-19 (tie) Christian Gagnier
2018-19 (tie) Sergeant Michael Casey