Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs : Student Leadership Recognition Banquet

Award of Merit

Awarded for outstanding service to the entire student body.  A non-student member of the Western community whose dedication to the students and student life has gone far above and beyond his/her obligations.

Awarded by Student Government Association

Year Recipient
2005-06 Nancy Shaheen
2006-07 Maureen Casey Gernert
2007-08 Dennis Leszko
2008-09 Friar Michael Lasky
2009-10 (tie) Friar Michael Lasky
2009-10 (tie) Peggy Stewart
2010-11 Dennis Leszko
2011-12 Dr. Jane McBride Gates
2012-13 Dr. Walter Bernstein
2013-14 Amy Shanks
2014-15 Charles Spiridon
2015-16 Daryle Dennis
2016-17 Dr. Anna-Maria Heredia
2017-18 Daryle Dennis
2018-19 Jessica Lin