Admissions : Undergraduate Degree Programs

Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences

There are two distinct degree programs within the health promotion and exercise sciences area: one leading to a bachelor of science degree and teaching certification as a school health educator, and one leading to a bachelor of science degree as a health promotion studies educator, with options in community health and wellness management. Following completion of a Bachelor of Science in Health Education or Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion Studies, students will be prepared to sit for the national CHES examination (Certified Health Education Specialist, the credential for health educators). Examination sites are located throughout the United States.

The curriculum is driven by competency-based objectives derived from ongoing internal and external program evaluations. Our graduates’ performances in pre-professional activities and worksite placements with schools, public and private health agencies, fitness centers and corporations assist in the realization of the department’s mission. We strive to meet the educational needs of a diversified student body so that our majors will be prepared to address health education in a global society.

The health promotion and exercise sciences department strives to educate all WCSU students about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices which encourages life-long, optimal health and well-being. The students in our degree programs are additionally prepared for entry-level, certified health education specialist (CHES) positions in schools and in a wide variety of private and public settings (i.e. corporations, hospitals, community organizations and other multi-public service organizations).

In addition to a liberal arts core of courses, students must successfully complete health content courses and teaching methodology, including the use of technology, in order to achieve professional competence as identified by standards set by national credentialing organizations. The focus of studying health promotion and exercise science is to educate students on the importance of a physically active lifestyle, wellness, fitness, healthy leisure time activities, health promotion, health protection and preventive services in schools and the larger global community.

It is the goal of the health promotion and exercise sciences department to be known as the undergraduate program of choice in the region to prepare for careers in school health education and fitness/leisure activities.

The department also strives to be recognized for its scholarship and to provide programs which utilize a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Our programs link the education of the mind with opportunities to apply newly learned skills in experiential, cooperative and internship experiences. The multidisciplinary academic program includes courses in health promotion and wellness, psychology, safety and health protection, total fitness, knowledge of and opportunities for healthy leisure activities, nutrition, biology, education, social welfare and politics, and related areas.

As such, this holistic approach to healthy living does not focus on illness or specific parts of the body or one facet of community life. It emphasizes the connection and interdependency of the components of individual and community health. These components include environmental, political and economic aspects of health, as well as the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of well-being.

Program Goals

  1. Prepare students with the proficiencies to become life-long learners, provide the skill needed to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and improve quality of life for themselves and the students they educate.
  2. Provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary academic curriculum that prepares graduates for careers in a variety of health education fields.
  3. Prepare students to meet the standards set by state and national credentialing organizations for health educators.
  4. Provide a comprehensive approach to health and fitness education emphasizing the connection and interdependency of individuals, school, family and community.

Graduates of the B.S. Health Education (PK-12) Certification Program will be prepared to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Apply health content knowledge as competent health educators.
  2. Assess individual and community needs for health education.
  3. Plan effective health education programs.
  4. Implement health education programs.
  5. Evaluate effectiveness of health education programs.
  6. Coordinate provisions of health education services.
  7. Act as a resource person in health education.
  8. Communicate health and health education needs, concerns, and resources (#2-8   responsibilities and competencies for school health educators have been established, as seen in The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Graduates of the B.S. Health Promotion Studies program will be prepared to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Knowledge of core concepts of community health, global health, epidemiology, nutrition and physical fitness necessary for entry level health promotion practitioners.
  2. Proficiency in applying knowledge and skills of health promotion studies, including program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Abilities Beyond Disabilities, Brookfield
AIDS Project, Danbury
Alternative Incarceration Center, Danbury
American Cancer Society, Wilton
American Red Cross, Danbury
American Red Cross, Waterbury
Avery Heights, Hartford
Bethel Health Dept., Bethel
Boehringer Ingelheim, Fairfield
Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield
Brewster Athletic Club, Brewster, NY
Birth Partners Labor Assistants, Naugatuck
Cardinal Hayes Home for Children, Millbrook, NY
Connecticut Holistic Health Association (CHHA), West Hartford
Connecticut State Dept. of Health
Danbury Children First Initiative, Danbury
Danbury Health Care Affiliates, DHCA, Danbury
Danbury Hospital, Danbury
Danbury Dept. of Health and Housing, Danbury
Danbury School System, Danbury
Danbury High School, Roberts Avenue School, Hayestown Avenue School, Danbury
Danbury Senior Center, Danbury
Danbury Youth Services, Danbury
Danbury Visiting Nurses Assoc., Danbury
Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen, Danbury
Duracell Fitness Center, Bethel
Dow Chemical Corporation, Fitness Center
Devereux Glenhome School, Washington, CT
Even Start, Danbury
Filosa Nursing Home, Danbury
Girl Scouts of Southwest Connecticut
Green Chimneys School, Brewster, NY
Good Friends, Danbury
Habitat for Humanity
Hancock Hall, Danbury
Harambee Center, Danbury
Heal the Children, New Milford
Healing Hearts (Danbury Hospice)
HealthQuest, Danbury
Health South, Danbury
Hispanos Unidos Contra El Sida, New Haven
Human Resource Development Agency, Naugatuck
ICES, Waterbury
Interfaith AIDS Ministry of Danbury, Danbury
Just for Women, Waterbury
Laurel Ridge Nursing Home, Ridgefield
MasterCard Pro-Fit Center, Purchase, NY
National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), New Fairfield
New Fairfield H.S., New Fairfield
New Milford H.S., New Milford
New Milford Senior Center, New Milford
Newtown Youth Services, Newtown
Northwest CT AIDS Project, Torrington
Pepsi Bottling Group, Armonk, N.Y.
Planned Parenthood, Danbury and New Haven
Pitney Bowes Corporate Fitness Center, Danbury
Region #15, Pomperaug High School, Southbury
Ridgefield Boys and Girls Club, Ridgefield
Rockland County Dept. of Health, New City, NY
Regional Hospice of Western Connecticut, Danbury
Salvation Army, Danbury
St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury
Sun Family Outreach Program, Meriden
The Nat’l Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine, Brewster, NY
Town of Kent, Environmental Protection, Kent
United Way of Western Connecticut, Danbury
Visiting Nurses of Oxford
War Memorial, Danbury
Waterbury Health Dept., Waterbury
Western Connecticut Senior Exercise Program, Danbury
Western Connecticut State University, ChildCare Center, Danbury
Western Connecticut State University, CHOICES, Danbury
Western Connecticut State University, Housing & Residence Life, Danbury
Western Connecticut State University, V-DAY Project, Danbury
Until Violence Stops, Danbury
Women’s Center, Danbury
Women, Infant and Children (WIC), Danbury
Youth Action Programs & Homes, Inc., NY
YMCA, Waterbury

Health Fitness Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
MediFit, Florsham Park, NJ
ProFitness Health Solutions, Shelton

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