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Faculty Spotlight

Sabrina Marques Assistant Professor of Painting

Assistant Professor, Sabrina Marquess has been on a roll! She recently proposed and was awarded two noteworthy artist residencies. The first was for the Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy ( that took place this past June 11- June 25, 2017. Her proposed study was to focus on painting and color which incorporated her interest in the culture and color palette of Venice. While there, she attended the Venice Biennale exhibitions and was able to weave that experience into her work as well.

The second residency proposal was for The Studios of Key West in Key West, Florida ( to take place next summer from June 16- July 14, 2018. The residency was awarded to her for her proposal of creating at least 100 artworks that are each 4" x 4" in size. This proposal is based on her interest in investigating how making diminutive artworks that add up to a large installed wall sized art work challenges perception of scale. She has made 25 artworks toward this project thus far.

Congratulations Professor Marques. Keep up the great work.