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Congratulations to those selected for the Showcase Exhibition!


  • Arianna Alagna –  CT Homeschool
  • Ellie Arcario  –  Newtown High School
  • Nina Archiere –  Danbury High School
  • Sarah Cartagena –  Newtown High School
  • Matheus casareggio –  Danbury High School
  • Schmarlee Charles –  Danbury High School
  • Miriam Da Costa –  Danbury High School
  • Prince Davenport –  Highville Charter School
    Photography Category - 1st Place
  • Madelyn DeGennaro –  Bethel High School
  • Ethan Denning –  Danbury High School
  • Bryana Diaz –  Newtown High School
    Drawing/Illustration Category - 3rd Place
  • Alexandra DiLorenzo –  Newtown High School
    Drawing/Illustration Category - 2nd Place
  • Mary Dunn –  Wethersfield High School
  • Nicole Etchie –  Westover School
    Photography Category - 3rd Place
  • Natalia Gonzales –  Ansonia High School
  • Jill Guilfoyle –  St. Joseph High School
  • Amanda Gujski –  St. Joseph High School
  • Fayrose Hussain –  St. Joseph High School
  • Lucy Jackson –  Education Without Walls
  • Emily Kokoszka –  Enfield High School
    3D Small Works Category - 1st Place & 3rd Place
  • Julia Lacasse –  St. Joseph High School
  • Ava Larsen –  Newtown High School
  • Lisa Liu –  St. Joseph High School
  • Daira Lopez –  Danbury High School
  • Emily Lu –  William H. Hall High School
  • Nora Magel –  Wethersfield High School
  • Puma Marx –  Newtown High School
  • Alexis Mastrangelo –  Enfield High School
    Painting Category - 2nd Place
  • Amber Mattioli –  Ace (Alternative Center for Excellence)
  • Sydney Melluzzo –  Wethersfield High School
  • Bailey Munroe-Ritter – Private CT High School
  • Zoey Orellana –  Ansonia High School
  • Jamie Xavier Ortiz –  Wethersfield High School
  • Madeline Paine –  Wethersfield High School
    Painting Category - 1st Place
  • Lucas Parham –  Danbury High School
  • Carolena Parker –  Wethersfield High School
  • Anushka Patel – Private CT High School
  • Grey Pomeroy –  Shepaug Valley High School
    Overall Winner - 2nd Place
  • Abby Poreda –  Enfield High School
    Painting Category - 3rd Place
  • Amaia Potashner –  William H. Hall High School
    Overall Winner - 1st Place
  • Nathaly Quinde –  Danbury High School
  • Samuel Ramirez –  Danbury High School
  • Tatiana Rivera –  St. Joseph High School
    Drawing/Illustration Category - 1st Place
  • Mariah Rodriguez –  Wethersfield High School
  • Bianca Sanchez –  St. Joseph High School
  • Kayla Smith –  Wethersfield High School
  • Marianna Sousa –  Danbury High School
    Overall Winner - 3rd Place
  • Logan Steisel –  Danbury High School
  • Selena Stevens –  Danbury High School
  • River Trotter –  Ridgefield High School
  • Niki Tsilfides –  St. Joseph High School
  • Ashley Velsmid –  St. Joseph High School
  • Emma Vincent –  Westover School
    Photography Category - 2nd Place
  • Kayla Ward –  Wethersfield High School
  • Gabriel Zagaja –  Wethersfield High School
  • Emzie Zalaznick –  Bethel High School
    3D Small Works Category - 2nd Place

May 18 – June 7, 2024

Gallery hours are Tue–Fri, 12:00–4:00 pm, and Sat–Sun, 1:00–4:00

Saturday, May 18, 2-4 pm

Western CT State University and the Cultural Alliance of Western CT presents the inaugural Student Art Showcase. High School Students in grades 9-12 were invited to submit artwork entries for this juried exhibition at The Gallery at the Visual and Performing Arts Center.

Seventy-seven artworks were selected for the exhibition from the student entries of eighteen High Schools throughout Connecticut. The top selected artists were featured and presented with special recognition and awards at the opening reception on May 18th. In selecting artwork for the exhibit, the jury was looking for overall artistic excellence. In determining the presence of artistic excellence, the following were considered heavily: creativity and originality, quality of artistic composition and overall design, interpretation and clarity of the theme to the viewer, the overall impression of the artwork.

WCSU celebrates the students contributions as a way to encourage the development of young artists as they prepare to investigate the arts in a college setting. The inaugural event hosted by WCSU seeks to provide a forum for young artists to be included in a gallery exhibition as a means to inspire continued and renewed efforts for creation of art. The arts cannot be overstated for their benefit to each generation of creatives who seek expression and engagement with a proven crucial communicating exercise that sparks numerous healthy community and professional connections. WCSU welcomes these young artists who aspire to creative heights.


For more information read the Press Release at WCSU in the News.


5/18/24, 2pm-4pm: Opening Reception/ Awards Ceremony

6/7/24: Art Exhibit Closes

6/8/24, 12-2pm: Pick Up Artwork