School of Visual & Performing Arts

Department of Art

Student Exhibition at Ridgefield Library

WCSU Painting IV Student Exhibition

Ridgefield Library
December 2, 2018 - January 16, 2019
Artists' Reception: Thurs, Dec 6, 6–8pm

Participating artists from the WCSU, Department of Art, Painting IV class: Dana Aftyka, Octavia Byrd, David Flook, Phoebe Hart, Morgan Ho, Alex Mondaca, Ashley O’Brien, Rachel Rossier, Thoai Tran, Valerie West-Rosenthal, Roni Woods

Thresholds artist/exhibition statement:
In our paintings we ask questions about materiality, perception, and the unknown. Our work collectively represents a broad cross section of the human experience.

By engaging with imagination and indulging in our dreams, we seek to break boundaries and to enable the viewer to escape from their daily routines. Immersing ourselves in these fantastical realities, we question the filters of perception. These worlds we create provide us with the means to reflect upon ourselves.

As we look inward, we encounter emotions and experiences that have profoundly affected our lives. Courageously, we can tell stories that truthfully address and illustrate ways we deal with our individual memory and history. By cultivating our perceptions, we can become artists who encourage and uplift one another as we struggle with articulating the human experience.

Art provides us with a medium through which we can bridge the spiritual and physical realities that we experience simultaneously in our lives. Through art, we can strive to depict the wonder we encounter in the people we see on the street, as well as the people we see in the mirror. In our work, we ask the viewer to see that the thresholds we imagine between the spiritual and the physical are often arbitrary. The world we live in is both mundane and profound. We invite viewers to question, escape, feel, and transcend.

-Painting IV
Western Connecticut State University

Professor bio: Sabrina Marques is an Assistant Professor of Painting and MFA Critic at Western Connecticut State University. In 2018, she received a Connecticut Commission for the Arts Fellowship. Marques has a BA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and a MFA in Painting and Printmaking from The Yale School of Art. 

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