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Alumni Spotlight: Andréa Rios- BA 2017 / MFA 2019

Andréa Rios – BA 2017 / MFA 2019

Congratulations to BA & MFA alumna, Andréa Rios whose biological illustration was recently published in an article in the scientific journal, PHYTOTAXA. Over the past year, Andrea had been working closely with WCSU's Professor of Biology, Dr. Thomas Philbrick in creating scientific illustrations for one of his research papers on new species of aquatic plants from the Amazon. The article entitled, A new species of Lophogyne s.l (Podostemaceae) from the Amazonian savanna of Amapá, Brazil, by Claudia P. Bove, C. Thomas Philbrick, and Arthur R. Lourenço contains Andréa's illustration seen here.

To view the article click here.

For more information about Andréa Rios and to see more of her work
check out her website and Instagram page!